Superbrands to certify deserving brands

Ms. Fatima Ali Mohammed (middle), Mr. Ato Micah, Country Director of Nielsen, and Mr. Femi Laoye (1st right)

Superbrands Ghana has initiated a research aimed at analysing consumer behaviour and perception about brands in Ghana.

The exercise involved 36 categories, and 750 brands ranging from Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) such beverages, foods, toiletries, to Government bodies, insurance, finance, supermarkets, pharmaceuticals, electronics, automobiles hospitals, among others.

Consumers across the country will be asked to give their views and approval of brands they choose and reasons for choosing the said brands.

The research, when completed, will ultimately lead to the recognition and certification of qualified brands, which will be given Superbrand seals as endorsements.

The results will be presented once completed and will create an opportunity for brands to improve, to either retain their position in the minds of the consumers or for others to re-strategise and build brands that appeal to the needs and wants of its consumers.

Addressing the media in Accra, Fatima Ali Mohammed, Superbrands UK representative for Ghana and Nigeria, noted that the idea is to ascertain why consumers prefer one brand to another, and to market exceptional Ghanaian brands both locally and internationally.

“Ghana continues to be a net importer of consumable brands which in turn compete with brands produced locally. It is time that brands, both imported and local, are put to the consumer test on an equal platform and take them through the rigorous approach to define their performance.

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It is not about buying an award or dumping goods at a low price, but about going through an authentic vetting process by those who have the power to build or break brands- the consumer,” Ms. Ali Mohammed said.

“We intend to showcase and award those brands that have a history and stood up to their ethos and propositions to become not only trusted, but loved and admired,” she further said.

Femi Laoye, Senior Research Manager at Nielsen Ghana, a global leading research firm that has been awarded the project, explained that the research will involve consumers from three regions- Accra, Kumasi and Takoradi.

The outcome, he said, would help in understanding consumer feedbacks around the selected categories. Mr. Laoye expressed excitement at the exercise and wished all participating brands well.

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