Scania West Africa outdoors new truck generation range

Scania West Africa has introduced its new truck range, which represents the latest advancements in automotive technology for heavy-duty trucks.

Scania’s new truck generation results from ten years of development work and investment, and the trucks have won multiple awards in the European markets and are now available for the West African market.

The XT range is for the most challenging assignments where robustness, productivity and uptime are crucial. In other words, the XT range is perfect for the mining, construction and haulage sectors.

The powerful bumper is 150 millimetres long with a skid-plate and headlamp protection mesh, which provides effective protection for the front of the vehicle in the event of minor impacts.

The fully-integrated powertrains in the automated Scania opticruise gearbox make the shafts synchronise with each other significantly faster, and engages the next gear immediately.

With the recent high levels of carbon dioxide pollution worldwide, Scania is tackling the carbon dioxide (Co2) challenge by setting targets for its own role in developing long-term sustainable transport solutions.

For this reason, the new trucks can run on either diesel, biodiesel, or hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO).

Speaking at the launch held in Tema, Managing Director, Scania West Africa, Fredrik Morning, said the new truck generation optimises total cost of ownership and improves sustainability and profit of businesses.

“We at Scania are driving the shift toward a more sustainable transport system.”

He said: “We believe in engaging in local initiatives. Along with our West African Training Academic partners, we provide apprentice programmes with the aim of supplying the Ghanaian transport and logistics sector with skilled and qualified technicians and bus drivers”.

Aside from the truck generation range, they have also introduced the Marcopolo G7 bus with its new facelift fitted on a Scania chassis.

Sales Director of Scania West Africa, Francois Lechat, indicated that “around 45% of all fatal truck accidents are roll-over incidents. That is why we are the first in the industry to offer a side-curtain airbag in addition to driver’s airbag with seatbelt pre-tensioner, which significantly reduces the risk of injury”.

In addition, “We have improved our road-handling and brake performance by 5%, we have moved the front axle 50mm forward, and we have introduced a new cab-power train, and axle suspension which gives excellent road handling and comfort”.

He said the new truck generation XT range is the most perfect choice for the mining, construction and haulage sectors, because they are more robust and improve fuel efficiency by 5%.

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