Nutrifoods unveils sugar-free cream cracker biscuit

Nutrifoods Ghana Limited, jointly owned by Olam International and Sanyo Foods of Japan, has launched a sugar-free biscuit in the cracker category to meet the fast-growing demand for healthy snack nourishment among consumers.

Nutrifoods, producer of popular household biscuit brands like Perk, Milky Magic, Royal Digestive and Royal King Cracker, extensively studied the prevailing consumer trend and has developed a product that fully addresses the rising consumer need for a sugar-free cream cracker under its Royal King Cracker franchise – a new tasty, crispy and completely sugar-free cracker.

The new cracker brand was unveilled in the major commercial centres of Ghana – including Accra, Kumasi, Takoradi and Tamale – under the theme ‘Snack Freely’ and was recorded as the first large-scale launch for any biscuit brand in the country.

“Many people in this part of the world love crackers, and the Royal King Cracker has enjoyed pre-eminent status in this segment….so, as the popularity of snacks rises with increase in the pace of life, consumers are seeking options to snack freely without having to worry about sugar,” said Mr. Jay Anjaria-Marketing Head of Nutrifoods’ Packaged Food business, at the main launch ceremony.

“We have always believed in reaching out to the consumer and anticipating their current and future needs so that we can stay ahead of the product development curve. There is a segment of consumers who are very watchful of their sugar intake. With snacking on the rise, there is no real sugar-free option for them – hence, this product is specially designed and delivers on being tasty, crispy and yet sugar-free!” said Mr. Anjaria.

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Mr. Amitabh Coomar, Business Head at Nutrifoods Biscuits, disclosed that there will soon be a new capacity infusion to meet the growing demand for its products.

Guests who sampled the New Cream Cracker Sugar-free biscuits endorsed the product for its unique and crispy taste.

Cream cracker sugar-free biscuits will be available in two convenient sizes of 82 grammes and 44 grammes and can be found in all supermarkets, neighbourhood groceries and mini-marts across the country.

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