NGO fetes kids living with HIV/AIDS

The National Consortium for Voluntary Organisations,(NCVO) last month organized a special merry-making event at Dome/Kwabenya in the Greater Accra region, for children living with HIV/AIDS, in a bid to foster togetherness and discard stigmatisation among the children.

The founder of Motherly love care foundation, Rev. John Azuma, and his wife who takes care of these children, used the occasion to advise organisations, philanthropists and people who are of good standing in society, to come to the aid of these children, by way of lending a helping hand or supporting these children, since the attention given them are very minimal or insignificant.

He further narrated how the motherly love care foundation was formed and its basic aims, by giving support to children of that kind.

He disclosed that, both he and his wife were diagnosed with HIV/AIDS, about eighteen years ago, nonetheless they have been able to give birth to four children who are healthy and HIV/AIDS free.

He said, upon the realization of the disease, they were put on medication and since then, they are able live their normal lives without any effects, the wife was put on pregnancy medication,which has helped prevent all the four children from contracting the disease through the pregnancy, from their mother.

Rev.Azoma, advised that, the fact that,one is living with the HIV/ AIDS disease, does not mean, that is the end of the person’s life, if only the person will take his or her medication seriously and the advise given to them by their counsellors.

He further advised the entire nation to stop the stigmatization, and rather encourage people who unfortunately have found themselves with the disease, especially the children.

Mrs. Shirley Abedi Boafo, who is the founder and president of National Consortium for Voluntary Organization (NCVO), expressed her excitement in funding the program.

She praised Motherly love care foundation and indicated that they have done a marvellous job, by taking good care of the children living with the HIV/AIDS, and that motivated her, to partner them in organizing such a beautiful program for the children.

She further demonstrated how ready they are, by way of helping Ghanaian NGO’s in giving training to them.

She also urged government to support NGOs in country, by reducing or completely taking off taxes, to lessen their burden and enable them discharge their activities, in order to serve the vulnerable ones in society.

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