Mohinani Group educates over 8,000 pupils on recycling

Students from the Reverend Thomas Clegg Methodist School, Kaneshie in a group photograph with the organisers of the competition

More than nine tonnes of recyclable waste materials have been generated by over 8,000 school children between the ages of 9 and 13 under the Mohinani Group Recycling and Waste Management campaign since its inception in 2016.

The recyclable waste materials which were made up of 5.5 tonnes plastics and 3.6 tonnes papers were collected and segregated by 26 primary schools drawn from Accra and Kumasi during the four months competition for two years.

At the awards ceremony for the 2018 winners, Ashok Mohinani, Executive Director of the Mohinani Group noted that over GHC 290,000 has been spent so far on the initiative that serves as one of the Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities.

Mr. Mohinani said the recycling campaign formed part of the Group’s commitment towards education, waste management, recycling and health to improve and promote a safe and healthy environment for Ghanaians.

He said the campaign which was designed to help build a sustainable, healthy environment and future for Ghanaians has directly educated over 8,000 pupils in proper waste management and recycling across the Greater Accra and Ashanti Regions.

Some of the branded dustbins donated to the schools for the competition

The core target for the campaign was children between the ages 9 and 13 years with the belief that they have the power to influence their peers and families within the communities in which they live. The Group believes that these children have the power to create wealth for themselves through proper waste management and recycling.

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Apart from the recycling initiative, the Group through its numerous corporate social responsibility programs in education and health over the last 50 years has helped improve the living standards of Ghanaians at large.

The Mohinani Group currently has recycling plants in all of their factories where plastic waste is recycled and reused for production of other plastic products.

The Executive Director pledged the Group’s commitment to sustain the campaign and drive for proper waste management and recycling in our communities in order to improve and enhance living conditions in our country.

The Reverend Thomas Clegg Methodist School, Kaneshie emerged as the Overall Best School for 2018 with 1,229kg of recyclable waste and received a package made up of educational literature, equipment and accessories worth GHC 5,000

The Class 2M of the same school also emerged as the Overall Best Class with 87kg recyclable waste and were treated to a KFC Party for their outstanding performance.

The campaign which was run in a form of a competition amongst the schools was under the theme: “Celebrating our Past, Inspiring our Future” and was in partnership with Environment 360 an NGO and the Ghana Education Service (GES).

It sought to educate the pupils and their communities on waste management & recycling; instil in them the discipline of proper waste disposal and making use of dustbins to segregate waste to promote a clean and healthy environment in Ghana.

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As part of the competition, the beneficiary schools received in total 90 pieces of branded 340 litre dustbins; 15,000 pieces of dustbin liners for segregation and 20 pieces of thermometers for measurement.

In 2016, the Awudome Cluster of Schools in Accra and the Kaase MA Primary in Kumasi emerged the Overall Best Schools while the Overall Best Class went to the Class 4 pupils of the Kotobaabi Cluster of Schools in Accra and the Class 5 A&B pupils of Kaase MA School in Kumasi.

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