Kumasi City Mall resumes business after brief hold up

The Management of Kumasi City Mall (KCM) has confirmed that a portion of the protective canopy covering the ceiling at the Food Court section of the shopping centre dropped off this morning.

A statement issued in Kumasi yesterday afternoon said the incident happened just after 7:00am, almost two clear hours before the shops opened for business. There was no casualty or physical damages beside the pile of debris left on the floor of the Food Court area.

A team from the Regional National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO) has since inspected the scene of incident and the NADMO Regional Director is reported to have told journalists that what happened in the early hours of the morning was “an incident and not a disaster”.

The statement said at about 7:20am before most of the shops opened, part of the ceiling’s protective casing, measuring about 70 square metres dropped off onto the floor near the information centre this morning but there was no casualty.

It said, due the mall’s uncompromising policy on public safety and the safety and comfort of its customers and tenants, Management had to delay opening the centre to enable officials of the mall and NADMO to access the situation fully.

The statement announced that the debris had since been cleared and that the centre has already opened for business.           

Mall authorities say they are leaving nothing to chance and have ordered immediate investigations into the cause of the incident and would let the public know as soon as the finding come out.

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