Gold Fields organises breast cancer awareness

Gold Fields Ghana Limited (Aboso Gold Mine) has organised the 2018 breast cancer awareness for women groups and individuals within the community in which the mine operate.

Speaking on “Breast Cancer and it associated problems” Dr. Tracy Mensah, a Specialist at Accra Medical Center explained that early detection and treatment of the disease helps it from spreading further.

According to her, there are no causes for breast cancer but there are predisposing factors which leads to breast cancer; these are   family history, obesity, life styles practices such as excessive alcohol intake, smoking, spicy foods among others.

She advice women to avoid putting money and mobile phone in their brassier’s or beneath the breast; brassiers’ should be washed properly dry in the sun, do not put on brassier’s’ which are too tight or push up.

Also she said, women should avoid using a lot of creams and lotions on their breast and do well to take a walk or exercise regularly.

She encouraged men to support women in examining their breast; this, makes it easier to detect if there is any abnormality.99% of breast cancer occurs in women and that only 1% happens to the men.

Dr. Mensah explained that monthly examination, which is two weeks after menstruation helps to determine the state of the breast and appealed to women to do self-breast examination regularly.

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Mr. Abdel Razak Yakubu, Manager-Community Affairs and Stakeholder Engagement of GoldFields (Damang Mine) said “October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a worldwide annual campaign involving thousands of organisations, to highlight the importance of breast cancer awareness, education and research”.

He said, the Damang mine has since embarked on a series of programs aimed at raising awareness on breast cancer.

Through its Foundation, he said the Damang mine of Gold Fields has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in improving health care delivery in its nine primary host communities.

“Notable among these interventions are: the construction of a clinic and nurses quarters in Damang, construction of a clinic and nurses quarters in Bompieso, construction of a maternity block at Abosso, training and equipping of Community Health Facilitators as well as annual free medical screening, among others,” he said.

“Today, we join the rest of the world to educate each other, share ideas and assure each other that, breast cancer is real. There are risk factors that we need to know and avoid where possible. As scary as we may think the condition is, early detection holds the key to its treatment and survival of the afflicted” Mr. Yakubu added.

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