GIWC present C-ARM machine to the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital … pays for six cancer patients

The Ghana International Women’s Club (GIWC) in partnership with NRONM CENTER has presented a C-ARM Digital Imaging Machine worth USD$105,000.00 to the Radiotherapy and Nuclear Science Center of the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital.

The C-ARM machine which is critical in the fight against cervical cancer will be used in three different procedures; Diagnostics, Surgical treatment and Radiotherapy and pain management.

The machine is used to detect the presence of cervical cancer, calculate the exact dosage of radiotherapy and pain management procedure that is administered to the patient and also, Dye-stained images of the cervix taken by the C-ARM guides surgeons during surgery to accurately target cancer tumors for removal.

Aside the cost of purchasing the machine, GIWC also intends to cover the cost of service and maintenance of the equipment for the first five years to ensure uninterrupted use and care for afflicted women.

During the presentation, the club made full payment for radiotherapy treatment for six patients at a cost of GHC 33,000.

In her speech, Club President, Madam Jacqueline Ahomka-Lindsay noted that GIWC intends to be a leading force in the prevention through awareness creation, early treatment and vaccination.

She added that the club would support any collaboration that will make available the vaccine to boys and girls from the age of 10 years to combat the has been successfully achieved in Australia.

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According to her: “It is also reassuring to know that as this machine will be installed at the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital, which is the main public facility in the country; it will mean that care will be open and available to all patients; men and women, undergoing brachytherapy at the hospital for other types of cancer treatment.”

She said “I hope this is an agenda that the Ministry of Health will be interested in. In so doing, we can promote the precaution, that is, to take early action and live. GIWC has always been very sensitive to the cause of the underprivileged, especially women and children.  We have answered many calls to support health facilities in Ghana.”

In Ghana, cervical cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths among women with mortality and incidence rate being among the highest in the world. However, it is the most easily detectable, preventable and highly treatable gynecological cancer. Early detection will ensure 80% cure rate of the disease.


About GIWC

The Ghana International Women’s Club is a social charitable organization committed to improving the lives of the less privileged in Ghana since its inception in 1980.

Over the years, the club has paid for cataract surgery for 60 patients and a blood fridge with the capacity to store blood bags.   In 2012, they partnered with USAID and, FOCUS group to renovate and fully reequip the maternity theater of the Ridge Hospital; a project that costed over USD$650,000 in an effort to provide a safe and dignified environment for women to give birth.

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Also, the club has donated on countless occasions to the Akropong School for the Blind with the recent one being a donation of food items and equipment worth over GHC50,000.

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