Fonola Mall launches in Accra

Fonola Mall, a virtual mall that serves customers with shopping, price comparison from different stores and deliveries has been launched in Accra.

According to CEO Kofi Ransford Asamoah Parker, Fonola Mall was developed to make life easy for shoppers and also features top brands and exclusive products.

He said: “We are urged to partake in entrepreneurship, but running one’s own business has become a real pain in the neck. To be a successful business person one needs to think of how to market his products to drive people and arouse their interest in his services or products. Think of paying for rents or securing a location for your business. Yet there is another problem which is how to provide your services or safely transport your items to clients, thoughts of this bores people who are interested in business making and eventually they would have to step down.”

“Fonola Mall is not a mall where you can only buy, but you can sell as well or provide services of you want. You wouldn’t have to put all your effort on driving customers to your shop/store, and you don’t neccessarily need a location to own a store at Fonola Mall, whats needed are your goods/services. All you have to do is sign up and boom you have a store where you can showcase your products”, he added.

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He said going shopping is undeniably that one thing everybody likes to do, but thoughts of carrying tons of bags hanging around, unable to walk, stranded and having to toggle with shopping bags to ensure proper handling makes one lose interest in having to go shopping.

Mr. Parker noted that Fonola Mall seeks to eliminate the stress that comes with walking from store to store, comparing prices in shops and transportation in between malls.

He added that: “You can have the pleasure of shopping without moving from the comfort of your home. We also do deliveries free of charge.”

The paperless shop also features scouting for accommodation, offices, wedding receptions, authentic Ghanaian products, to fashion, automotive and food courts where one can order for hot served meals.

He noted that the idea of technology has come a long way and rising high, serving mankind, and making life quite simple in advanced countries. He said technology plays a vital role in developing countries, makes life easy, by saving time, energy, money and other resources.

Fonola Mall comes with different payment methods including Visa and Mobile Money payments where buyers can choose the payment method at their convenience.

Currently, there are five packages on Fonola Mall; Free, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum available for advertisement purposes. The virtual mall comes with an app downloadable from Google Playstore or Apple Store.

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