Extramarks introduces new software to enhance education

Extramarks, in collaboration with Zepto Ghana Ltd. and Africa Schools Online, has showcased its transformative educational digital solution – known as the Extramarks Total Learning Solution – to stakeholders in the educational sector.

The event was held in Accra and targeted at introducing virtual representations of science, technology and engineering to the individual, as well as directing them on functions of the tools, materials and equipment used in these fields.

Extramarks is a premium in-class and after-class electronic education solution that adopts a student-centric approach to meticulously unpack subject content for Kindergarten students through to Secondary School students (Grade K to 12), using three-prolonged approach of Learn, Practice and Test.

According to the General Manager of Zepto Ghana and Point de Vue Afrique, Mark Pritchard, this approach provides the best pedagogy and technology to create a child-centric teaching and learning environment. In using Extramarks, teaching and learning become a recreational venture.

During the workshop, experts and key educationalists demonstrated how Extramarks’ tool works and created the opportunity for all participants to interact with the e-learning tool.

The trainers used computer interactive virtual space to unleash a new approach in teaching and learning. The Extramarks e-learning tool allows for individuals to virtually dissect animals and work on them, and virtually conduct scientific experiments – including mixing chemical reactions.

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He noted that: “In this technological era, the use of technological education tools like Extramarks is needed to train students today for the better tomorrow. The reality of the matter is that the world is changing very fast, and therefore tools must be put in place to help students catch up with the fast-changing world. We’re trying to bring more collaborative ways for teaching to be conducted, so that the kids can compete when they go out into the world tomorrow”.

According to him, adopting this solution can make a big difference in the way teaching is conducted in Ghana. He also added that Extramarks has been in discussions with the Ghana Education Service (GES) to make sure that the content they provide is absolutely aligned with the GES curriculum.

He said: “We are just here to support government in the implementation and provision of devices and content for the students, because government is also supportive of initiatives from the private sector”.

Pritchard said they have been in talks with the private schools, and after six months of operation they will introduce the Extramarks e-learning tool to the public schools through the Ministry of Education and GES.

The Extramarks software will first be introduced to the Crown Prince Academy for the pilot and implementation process. This will serve as the first school in Ghana to adopt usage of modern technology for education.

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The Education Director of the Crown Prince Academy, Evelyn Agyemang, said: “In reality, we are competing on a global scale, so we are trying to equip our children to be citizens of the world rather than just citizens of Ghana”.

Crown Prince Academy will roll out the pilot edition of the Extramarks software in September 2018.

The Extramarks software also allows teachers to create interim assessments and examination questions – including a marking scheme that allows students to know their marks right after taking a test or examination. It also assists in school management systems.

The software also educates the user on what a scientific term, tool or organ of a body is used for. It also directs the user on how to operate on animals as well as provide a personalised learning programme with computers both online and offline.

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