Excellence happens at Stanbic Bank

The first week of October each year is recognized internationally as Customer Service Week to celebrate the importance of customer service to the growth of businesses. While the rest of the world chose that week to celebrate customers, Stanbic Bank Ghana took the initiative to the next level.

First, the bank launched its customer service charter during the month, an event at which the Head of Customer Experience, Dr. Joyce Dadzie said “Customer Service is not a mere term for us here at Stanbic Bank. To us, the life and soul of every business revolves around the customer therefore quality service must be our way of life. We must delight our customers to deserve them that is why we cannot afford to take our customers for granted.”

In the expanded celebration, visiting a branch during the month became an eye opener to draw customers even closer to the brand. To dramatize their readiness to deliver first class service, it was a sight to behold at the branches as staff dressed as waiters and waitresses, man servants and maid servants ready to attend to needs of customers.

All branches chose to dress in unique ways to remind customers of other service traits that would continue to be highlighted going forward.

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Commenting on the relevance of the month-long festivities, the Head of Customer Experience added; with customers being the primary focus of the bank’s business, customer centricity is very critical as an agenda. “Customer centricity is one of our three main focus areas and as a bank, we celebrate our customers with every transaction because we believe our customers deserve more than a week to be recognized and celebrated”, she said.

Customer Service Week is an international celebration instituted in 1984 to highlight the importance of customer service and of the people who serve and support customers on a daily basis. The Week is celebrated annually during the first full week in October when customer-oriented organizations and institutions around the world recognize the importance of customer service excellence to their organizations.

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