DFI introduces protective coating to restore damaged glass

Diamon Fusion International (DFI), a world’s leader in protective coatings for automotive industry, has urged vehicle owners to use its windshield protective coating, Diamon-Fusion, to enhance the longevity of their vehicle windscreens.

The use of DFI product allows insect and bird dropping to be easily washed away. Windshields tested to be up to 10times more resistant to damage from road debris and reduces night time glare by up to 35 percent. Diamon Fuison’s protective coating also restores old, etched glass to look new again.

This also protects drivers from high beam head light glare from oncoming traffic as well as repels water and stains, which makes the windscreen 10 times stronger to help protect from chips.

Why there is the need for vehicles owners to use Diamon Fusion product is because normally, untreated windshield glass is not smooth and when viewed microscopically, one actually sees peaks and valleys. These peaks and valleys create a surface similar to sand paper.

But with Diamon-Fusion protective coating there are fewer peaks and valleys to catch road debris, distort vision and create glare. The glass becomes much smoother, resulting in a cleaner and safer windshield.

It’s good for buildings too

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For buildings, it protects glass from etching, stains, water and oil repellent as well as makes glass about 20percent more brilliant.

DFI provides hydrophobic protective coatings for glass and other silica surfaces which can save building owners thousands of dollars in costly restoration, replacement glass or construction damage.

By using a hydrophobic coating for the building, these silica surfaces will be easier to maintain, enhance the beauty and provide long term sustainability.

Glass can become damaged over time due to the hard water, concrete leaching, scratching, air conditioning condensation, acid rain and many other environmental elements.

But treating the glass with Diamon-Fusion coating ensures longevity and reduces maintenance costs and frequency of cleaning.

It also enhances the appearance of the building, giving building owners an advantage in the highly-competitive commercial real estate leasing environment.

“DFI’s building beautiful on-site team was able to successfully restore the commercial glazing to its original brilliance. This was a large project, and I had my doubts, but the end result is spectacular,” Samantha Seward, Director of Property Management, Jefferson Development Group, said.

“I was impressed with DFI’s ability to restore several high-profile windows at the West Marine HQ, which had been badly water-damaged from concrete leaching. After they treated the glass with Diamon-Fusion the windows looked good as new and are now very easy to clean,” Eric Taylor, West Marine Management Supervisor, said.

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DFI provides onsite glass protection and restoration services which are designed to restore damaged glass, protect it from future degradation and make it better than new for years to come.

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