Delta Capital highlights customer services

The first week of October has been slated for Customer Service Week, and as such corporate firms deem it necessary to pay courtesy calls on their cherished clients. In line with this, Customer Service Week at Delta Capital combined fun and education in a week-long list of activities.

The customer service teams were prepared to explain the significance of the Week and how it supports one of the company’s values – which is to provide an excellent service. All employees wore their branded t-shirts during the week, signifying their readiness to delight all customers.

Staff began the week by sending a “thank you” message to all clients, followed by visits to their individual and corporate clients – some with gifts. Management used the Week to highlight customer service.

One of the corporate clients visited was the Greater Accra Poultry Framers Association (GAPFA). The company’s business development team engaged some staff of GAPFA on investment education. The team highlighted how staff can make some monthly investments during working life to boost their future retirement incomes. Staff of GAPFA were impressed with Delta Capital’s engagement and encouraged the investment firm to undertake more of such visits.

Another delegation visited traders at Makola to drum home the need to do some investments so that investors can fall on their funds in difficult times. According to the Head of Business Development, Mr. Nicholas Tetteh, the company attaches great importance to customer services and ensures it maintains good relationships with its clients. He said: “When clients are happy they stay with you, and will leave once they become dissatisfied”.

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The team of Tema branch also did the same in and around Tema municipality, clad in the company’s branded t-shirts.

Due to the positive feedback from clients during the week-long client engagements, Delta Capital has decided to extend the Customer Service Week celebration by another week in order to reach out to its cherished clients.

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