China worries over ‘fake product’ tag

…wants buyers’ help to deal with situation

Guangdong Province, China’s manufacturing hub where most traders in Ghana buy their goods, has said it is worried over the ‘fake’ tag people have given to its products – saying the province and China as a whole makes quality products.

An official of the Guangdong Provincial Government, Luo Jun – who addressed African journalists in the Guangzhou, the capital city of Guangdong – pleaded with buyers not to settle with producers who sell products that are below the average market price and which may be inferior.

“Buyers should also contribute and help us to eliminate these substandard products from the market by not patronising them,” he added.

“Before buyers come to buy they should find out the average price of the products they want to buy; if you pay below the average price, then you should know you are buying inferior goods.

“If you are making purchase in Guangzhou, understand the market price so that you will not buy from substandard producers,” he advised potential buyers.

He said Chinese firms invest so much in research and development, and these make their product-outcome very high quality and up to international standards.

He cited products such as Huawei phones, BYD cars and ZTE as some of the products which are produced with quality standards and are competing well in the global market.

He said the government is not in support of producers who produce substandard products as it tarnishes the country’s image.

He entreated buyers to scrutinise products before buying them, as there are equally good and quality products which can found in the market when they come to Guangzhou.

He said there are producers who make quality products with international standards, but since most buyers are always going for cheap products they settle with substandard ones.

He therefore urged buyers to do research, or they can contact appropriate authorities to give them information about the market in order to get quality products/goods that will benefit both the buyer and consumer, as well as save the image of China.

He said Guangdong Province as an economic power of China is business-friendly and that authorities are well-positioned to ensure people’s investments are secure.

Guangdong Province has big manufacturing cities such as Guangzhou and Shenzhen, where most traders from Ghana and Africa buy products ranging from clothing, electronics, mobile phones, foods among others. It has a population of 110 million with a Gross Domestic Product of 8.9trillion Yuan.

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