Alliance Motors host ‘Ride and Drive’ Experience in Aburi Mountains

Alliance Motors Ghana, the exclusive distributor of Land Rover and Jaguar in Ghana, over the weekend, hosted a two-day ‘Ride and Drive’ experience in Aburi as part of its biannual driving experience.

The two-day driving event which was targeted at customers and enthusiast of the Land Rover brand showcased the off-road and on-road capabilities of the Land Rover vehicles.

In an interview with the Sales and Marketing Manager, Peter Boateng, he said: “We bring in the vehicles to test drive and let our customers know what our vehicles can do. A lot of people have heard about the Land Rover but they don’t really know what it can do. We have a feature which is called the terrain response.  When they test drive it and they experience the terrain response, they will know what we’re talking about because actions speak louder than words. Basically the terrain response is an automatic feature which adjusts the car to the terrain that it is driving on. So if it is on a mountain area, the drive is different from when it is on a normal road.”

He added that Aburi was chosen as the venue because it had a challenging terrain due to its mountainous nature. He said Aburi also had some rough roads on the mountains which was a good test drive for the all new ‘Discovery Sport’ which he tagged as the most versatile SUV because of the optional terrain ‘response-to-system’ which monitors driving conditions and automatically selects the best driving mode.

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Again, he noted that Alliance has met its expectations for the year but they are not in a comfort zone. He said: “We want to exceed our target because we stick to our slogan, ‘Above and Beyond’. So anything that is above and beyond is where we’re targeting.”

He added that Alliance is contributing immensely to the economic growth of the country because about 98% of its staff are Ghanaians. He said it is not only for the working class but also for students because “we do internships and attachments as well. We bring them in to have an experience of the Land Rover family.”

Mr. Boateng revealed that Alliane is offering a five-year free-service, a five- year warranty and a 40% down payment and the rest of the payments is spread across a maximum of a three-year period.

“I agree our cars are quite on the high but this is because we do not compromise on quality. We also know that some people will want to turn around their money before they can pay for it. So yes, you can use the money for your business and come and pay for it with the profit you make”, he said.

He advised that customers not to compromise on quality when it comes to purchasing spare parts for their cars. He said Alliance Motors sell genuine parts because they get it from the manufacturer which come s with warranty and guarantees.

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The two-day experience featured vehicles available for the test drive included Range Rover, Range Rover Evoque, Jaguar E pace and the all new Discovery Sport which is tagged as the most versatile SUV because of the optional terrain response to system which monitors driving conditions and automatically selects the best driving mode.

Safety was a priority at the event as customers without license were driven by professional staff of Alliance Motors whereas customers with license had the chance to test drive the vehicles.

Another side attraction at the event was a series of motoring competitions that was designed to test the drive qualities of the cars such as braking, maneuverability, take off and overall handling.

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