All is set for Ashanti Executive “Cocktail in Kumasi”

With dynamism and sophistication being injected into the world’s economy these days, industry players have a critical responsibility to seek a common strategy to enable them address the challenges and the threats the present economic circumstance presents in order to take advantage of the opportunities embedded in the situation.

It is believed that the Ashanti Region being part of the total economy of Ghana has a huge potential to become the economic backbone of the country.

The region commands most of the natural resources that should attract both direct and indirect foreign investments any country would wish for but all these have eluded the region. The region has overly depended on SME’s instead of moving into industrial revolution.

Industry players and business men have not been able to achieve the desired objective in doing business particularly in Ashanti region partly   because of inadequate access to quality business information, poor and outdated business model applications, poor branding, and inability to attract the right investment among others.

The above pitfalls have had adverse effect on the business environment and have caused quite a number of businesses to fold up and others relocating to the nation’s capital city that has deprived the region of its business and economic growth.

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It is therefore in this regard that Corporate Vision Consult, a business consulting and marketing firm based in Kumasi has introduced Ashanti Executive Cocktail, a yearly event as a means to bring together both corporate and business executives within the region.

This according to the CEO, Charles Kusi  Appiah Kubi is  to create a common platform that is more assuring and relaxing but encourages serious conversations that is aimed  at   transforming  businesses and the economy of the region.

This year’s edition is on theme “Boosting economic growth, through corporate relationship “ and scheduled for tomorrow at the Golden Bean Hotel is designed to allow participants  to share their experiences to motivate and serve as a guiding tool to others, and also to promote synergies among participants in up scaling their business.

The event seeks to give relevant information to businesses and corporations, rebrand Ashanti Region as a hub of Industrial transformation, and attract the right investment into the region as well as promoting partnership among businesses.

The event is also expected that Business and corporate executives would appreciate the dynamic nature of their businesses and understand the tools and skills required to stay relevant in the market and to increase intellectual and social engagements between corporate and business executives.

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