AAG renews call for passage of Advertising Council bill

AAG President
Joel Nettey (President, Advertising Association of Ghana)

The Advertising Association of Ghana (AAG) President, Joel Nettey, has renewed calls for government to fast-track passage of the Advertising Council bill to help sanitise and regulate the advertising industry.

Speaking at the second edition of the International Advertising Association (IAA) Leadership Conference in Accra, Mr. Nettey lamented the sad state of affairs in the industry and explained why government must pass the bill as a matter of urgency.

“Our industry faces many challenges on both the local and international fronts. Here in Ghana, two major areas of concern have continued to retard our progress. The first is the need to fast-track passage of the Advertising Council bill that will bring together all relevant players in the industry including clients, agencies, media, regulatory and consumer representation to ensure that things are done right,” he said.

Mr. Nettey believes that when the bill is passed into law, it will help control activities of the advertising industry in accordance with set rules, regulations and standards enshrined in the constitution.

“What the Advertising Council bill essentially does is put in structures and regulates the industry. There are different players in the industry. There are media owners; there is us – the advertising agencies; there are the clients themselves; there are the regulatory bodies; and, finally, there is the consumer,” he said.

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“As it is right now, we don’t have rules and regulations that guard what we do. So, you switch on your TV today and see all kinds of advertisers advertising all kinds of things in very weird time-bands. That can’t continue forever,” he added.

According to Joel Nettey, this will be the second attempt at pushing for passage of the bill, having done so previously to no avail.

“It was laid before the previous parliament, but unfortunately it was a month to the end of that parliament so now it has to go back through the process,” he narrated.

He was however optimistic that the bill will be adopted and passed into law, following words of assurance from Ghana’s Minister of Information, Mustapha Hamid.

“My understanding from what the Minister of Information has said to us is that it’s going to be laid before this new cabinet; they are going to debate and, of course, they are going to tweak it with ideas they think can make the document better,” he said.

“We are hoping when that is done it’ll then move on to parliament, and this time it’ll get laid and be passed so we can implement it. That’s why it is so very important that we keep pushing to have it passed.”

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The second IAA Africa leadership conference is a two-day gathering of current and future business leaders in the marketing, communications and advertising industry across the globe. The objective is to network, discuss and share insights on the future of marketing communications in an ever-changing world of technological advancement. This year’s event is under the theme ‘Evolution of brands and consumers: Reinvent or Die’.

Kennedy Aryeetey Tetteh | thebftonline.com | Ghana

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