enrols payment plan to enhance customer experience

0 offers a trusted, reliable and cost-effective online marketplace for a wide range of quality vehicles. With a core business to provide a platform for individual car sellers and dealers to meet in an environment of safety and mutual trust, has successfully thrived for 5 years.

Even though does not directly sell cars, the platform receives an average 0f 55,000 monthly visitors who generate an average of 3 unique leads daily for each car posted. Since its inception, the site has allowed dealers and sellers to post their cars for free on the site and generate quality leads that have facilitated their individual and business transactions.

Since 1st March 2018, the platform has undertaken measures to enhance its marketing efforts to improve the experience of its users and increase the number of leads derived by dealers and individual sellers who use the site.

The efforts are intended to increase visibility of the platform across the country in order to serve more people who are looking to buy or sell cars. Cheki Ghana, unlike many of its competitors has held out on monetizing its platform for a long time. The hold out period has been used to build trust, ensure security and guarantee positive results for all of its users.

Based on great responses from users across board and the value generated, the business has now taken the next step which is to monetise the platform for dealers and individual sellers. In effect, car dealers and individual sellers now have to sign up for subscription to enable them list their cars.

Unlike competitor platforms that only allow payment packages that put one-time sellers at a disadvantage, Cheki’s flexible model makes it possible for one to choose from several packages that cater for one-time sellers, small garage owners and big garages as well.

CEO of Mr. Joshua Mensah-Keli spoke on the monetisation move.

“Our greatest goal is to provide quality results for users, and we have built a track record over time. is one of the few sites that takes the security of sellers and buyers very seriously, and we go to great lengths to maintain trust among all parties. This move to monetise the site is in line with providing the best results for our cherished users; it will give us the strength to intensify our offline presence and increase our visibility as a brand which is good for our users.”

The monetisation process also provides several packages which include a microsite option for garage owners to manage an online showroom on the site, car dealers photograph and physical business address aimed at curbing fraud, discount packages and above all quality leads.”

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