Dubai Chamber donates to schools in Ghana


As part of its efforts to support and promote the UAE’s Year of Giving initiative, Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry has announced that it has expanded its activities under the national framework to its representative office in Ghana.

The Chamber recently donated text books, story books, workbooks, and other educational materials to two underprivileged schools in the African country, benefitting nearly 3,500 children.

The Chamber’s Ghana team also gave a brief overview on Year of Giving, the Year of Reading, and the various charitable initiatives it has supported in the UAE and abroad.

The initiative is part of a wider strategy to expand the role of the Chamber’s international offices to support various social causes in the countries where it operates. It also follows similar donations that were made recently by the Chamber’s offices in Ethiopia, Azerbaijan, and Mozambique.

Commenting on the initiative, Omar Khan, Director – International Offices, Dubai Chamber, said: “This is a continuation of our efforts to bring the UAE’s Year of Giving to all the countries where we operate.

By leveraging our network and presence in Ghana, we have an opportunity to maximise our social impact, improve the quality of education for children in the country, and contribute toward the UAE’s humanitarian efforts abroad.”

H.H. Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE, recently declared 2017 as the Year of Giving in the UAE.

The initiative focuses on three main themes, namely enhancing social responsibility in the private sector, building a culture of volunteerism across all segments of society, and promoting the concept of serving the nation among youth.

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