What drives and stimulate your energy levels and knowledge base


Our society shapes who we are as in the context of personal development where our nature gets nurtured by our environment.

It is very obvious how kids raised in gated communities behave as compared to those raised in opened communities. It is very same with the nurturing that takes place in rural and urban communities.

The modern and silence form of nurturing and mind programming is ongoing via social media and it  produces negative thinking and instilling of fear which in a long way stamped your capabilities and thinking prowess.

Why have you suddenly and subliminally been endeared to gossips and scandalous news? Why have you become distributor of such news which have subdued your ability to even decipher fact from fiction and truth from falsehood.

The charges your mind is filled with, is the direction your energy will be directed towards and reproduce in words and deeds. Until recently on facebook the links you click most keeps bringing similar ads of same kind of content. It gets to a point that all you read only adds onto the junk and negative charges you have accumulated over the period of time. With this in no time you become that which have nurtured your mind.

It is with this reason that good reading materials and current affairs don’t tickle your interest.

The other aspect of this serious nurturing going on is with the FEAR factor. News mostly fake ones started with

“wonders they say will never stop happening”

“share this with 1000” to receive a blessing.

“Share this with 10 of your best friends to receive good omen”

“Share this and see what happens in 5 days”

“If you don’t share this, then you are not a lover of God”

“If you don’t share this then people will die”

“Share this if your faith in God is that unshakable”

“Share this if you are worthy  Christian or Moslem”

These and similar gist bombarded to your brain over a period of time sows a seed of fear and distort your sense of appreciation, critical thinking and logical reasoning.

It zaps your energy levels and produces fear factor and negativity in everything you do. Suddenly if you read anything you just say “copied and shared as received” without the edge to even cross reference the substance. This mind massaging even affects the highly educated and accomplished.

These accumulated fear and negative drive causes you to live in a certain pattern, lack of love, lack of trust, lack of possibilities,anxiety of the unknown, low energy levels etc. But you are quickened to these kind of news, videos and information.

The last kind of these way of nurturing is with telenovelas and soap operas.

Because it drives on suspense and emotionally tickling, you tend to buy into the fiction and desire the fantasies it brings.

It begins to reorient you about life and shape your binoculars to life. Is it a wonder that your addiction to telenovelas and soap opera is so heavy that when you miss even two episodes you feel cravings ?

All these three mind programming benefits some people so they will keep giving you reasons why such alertness like this write up is unfounded even when you know it mirrors your current state of mind and life. These societal shaping system many at times steal the nature you are embedded with because you don’t get to find it or you tend to belittle it and aspire that of others. So you begin to walk in shadows of others without the gifts and skills to grow it.

This write up can be an awaking to your situation but acknowledging the knowledge of your situations become the turning point. If you don’t like the content in a bottle  but like the bottle you empty it to refill.

Make efforts to read, listen and watch positive driving and stimulating information. Walk with friends and partners that can share their positive charges with you.

Stop forwarding messages you cannot verify, your faith in God isn’t about how many times you send some messages. Be purposeful not to share gory news, scandalous information and tweaked gospel messages. Any message that creates sense of fear, doubt and anger cannot be godly.

Fear, stress and depression are killing more people than we can think off.


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