Leonessa outdoors new construction materials


Leonessa Company which is noted for the sale of construction and building materials has taken stock of new products to support the country’s fast rising construction and real estate sector.

The Managing Director of the company, Mariam Addai, urged contractors to do some research especially on the latest building and construction materials whenever they are starting a construction project.

“Pick out specific products or building materials by brand name, model, and style to include in the construction,” she said.

She therefore urged contractors to use sophisticated building materials in their various construction works to ensure quality of work.

She said a building or a construction work that is done to stand the test of time does not only require the contractor using quality cement and blocks but the materials such as metal props, scaffold, columns stir up should also be one with high quality standard.

She said most contractors for instance use bamboo instead of metal props during construction period, this she said undermines the quality of the building or the construction work as well as the safety of the workers on the construction site.

Mrs. Addai who deals in the sale and rentals of imported building materials from Italy and Australia said it is high time professionals in the construction sector operate with high international standards.

“Why will a building contractor use a bamboo to support the flowing of a building when he can use metal props which has been provided for such purpose.

“Again, there is a multi-directional scaffold which makes the work of a constructor very simple and easy at a construction site so it better one knows at every point in time the right materials to use at what point, she said.

She said one of the causes of building collapse can be attributed to quality of materials and workmanship.

According to her, the use of outdated engineering materials and lack of certification standards on engineering materials lead to the construction of substandard buildings.

“Quality of engineering materials is a key driver to construction of quality buildings. Contractors must regularly inspect the quality of materials being supplied and used for construction purposes.


Leonessa Ghana has a range of building materials for sale and hiring which include yellow board for making of concrete wall, h-beam, metal props and garage gates. The building materials which are imported from Italy and Australia and are made with high quality standards.

The company, which is also into advisory services, gives construction related advises to contractors as to which building materials are appropriate for a particular project.

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