First ‘Watch-and-Dine’ cinema opens at Kumasi City Mall


Kumasi City Mall, the Ashanti Region’s most coveted destination for affordable one-stop shopping and recreation, has added another powerful attraction to its irresistible menu of entertainment – Ghana’s first ever world class ‘Watch-and-Dine’ Cinema!!

Shoppers, plain revelers and of course, movie and chow freaks in the Ashanti Regional capital, all said a big ‘thank you’ to Kumasi City Mall and W&D Cinema Limited, when four executive state-of-the-art movie theatres, all fitted with deluxe furnishing and superior acoustics and image projection, were unveiled for public use over the week end.

The ‘Watch-and-Dine’ Cinema concept is an outright novelty worldwide and features a delightful fusion of the comfort and coziness of a plush movie theatre, with the pleasures of nourishment derived from a good restaurant or eatery.  All four screens at the cinema are 3D and projections are made with High Definition imaging equipment.

“What we have here at KCM is an uncommon concept even in the advanced countries. It is the best anyone can get of two worlds – a movie theatre and a restaurant – rolled into one. KCM’s ‘Watch and Dine’ happens to be the first of its kind in West Africa and is already ranked as the 13th on the list of highly rated cinemas around the world!”  Osei Agyemang-Duah, Managing Director of W&D Cinema Limited told reporters.

Agyemang-Duah said Kumasi City Mall’s Watch-and-Dine is so classy and up to scratch that it has already been rated among cinema heavyweights like the AMC Dine-In in the United States, the Odeon Lounge in the United Kingdom and the Nu Metro Cinema in South Africa.

The Cinema has four screens and a total of 330 seats, comprising 30 seats in a VVIP theatre, 56 Seats in a VIP and two standard theatres, with seating capacities of 137 and 107 respectively while the restaurant offers a lip-smacking variety of continental and local fast-foods. All four theatres operate seat reservation schedules for customers.

Within just days of its opening, ‘Watch-and-Dine’ is already one of the mall’s busiest locations – an irresistible haven for cinema lovers seeking to enjoy movies outside their homes and get to munch on some excellent gourmet. The cinema has become the talk of the town across Kumasi as a perfect rendezvous enclave and

“We (management of Kumasi City Mall) are extremely delighted about the successful opening of Watch-and-Dine because it brings to our cherished shoppers and patrons another compelling reason to stay on before or after their shopping, to enjoy some quality recreational time here at the mall,” said KCM’s Marketing Manager, John Bedu-Bonsu.

“With this, we (in Kumasi) are now streets ahead and claim full bragging rights for topnotch recreation over any other mall in the country,” said an elated Tony Bediako, a resident of Kumasi, as he stepped out of the theatre after watching a 2018 movie starred by Liam Neeson.

According to Kwabena Obeng, President and CEO of the Steaman Group and W&D Cinema said the facility will be officially commissioned on February 10, 2018.

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