ACCA introduces new approach to ethics and Professional skills

In the wake of challenges of how financial managers in the country have conducted themselves in their line of work, which has had some kind of negative effect on the public and some private institutional purses, the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) Ghana office has launched a new approach to ethics and Professional skills for the top level of the qualification.

The ACCA’s new Ethics and Professional Skills module is expected to focus on ethical behaviour and judgement of members to ensure they are equipped with the skills needed to support exam success at the Strategic Professional level.

Speaking at the launch of the Ethics and Professional Skills module in Accra, Head of ACCA Ghana Doris Ahiati said: “This latest innovation to our qualification reflects our core value in upholding ethics to influence businesses and the finance industry, as well as protect the interests of ordinary Ghanaians through the actions of finance professionals. We encourage our members and students to embark on the new module to ensure their career aspirations have a positive impact

“It is a new and innovative way of training people to develop the skills they need while also becoming ethical and professional accountants. The module is interactive throughout and takes students on a journey where they learn and then have to put what they learn into practice.”

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She further stated that ACCA will carry out gap analyses and create action-plans to ensure the members’ development is right for them, stating that it is a lifelong learning and they can return to the module anytime in their careers to refresh the skills as needed.

Mrs. Ahiati added that the learning is through various media – including videos, outside references, interactive learning, creation of presentations, encouraging the association’s members and students to embark on the new module to ensure their career aspirations have a positive impact.

Head of ACCA Ghana, Doris Ahiati

ACCA, which was the first to introduce a compulsory ethics module in 2007, has revised the module – introducing new topics to ensure all members have a broader understanding of ethics, essential for shaping the future of business.

Some members and students who were at the launch welcomed the new ethics and Professional skills, and said with the revised module’s arrival, ACCA professional accountants will be able to make an immediate impact in their workplaces.

The Ethics and Professional Skills module develops skills in leadership, negotiation, conflict management, thinking commercially, and scepticism-development integrated with realistic business situations to improve employability and career success.

The current Professional Ethics module will be available until 30 October 2017, and replaced by the new Ethics and Professional Skills module on 31 October 2017.

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By Norvan Acquah-Hayford l l Ghana

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