Vodafone’s “Ahotor Bundle” – a mobile money game changer


Vodafone Ghana has just decided to create a revolution in the mobile money space in the country. This follows the launch of arguably the most innovative product by its Vodafone Cash team to offer convenience and ease for all customers.

Starting today, all customers of its Vodafone Cash mobile money offering have been empowered to conduct unlimited transactions on the platform for only GHS3 per month. The “Ahotor bundle”, as it is called, is a response to peculiar needs of customers in the ever-changing mobile money market space.

Vodafone Ghana says the introduction of the “Ahotor Bundle” is a direct response to a desire by customers and businesses to do more on the Vodafone network in a flexible manner whilst saving on cost.

The transition towards a cash-lite society is fast becoming mainstay in many African economies; not least Ghana, where almost all the telecom companies are operating mobile money platforms. In an economy with only 30% of the bankable population possessing bank accounts, the mobile money option has become a major alternative to the 70% of the population that are financially-excluded.

Since the introduction of its mobile money platform some two years ago, Vodafone Ghana has not hidden its intention of playing a leading role in igniting Ghana’s digital revolution. Chief Executive, Yolanda Cuba has been clear that the company will continue to deploy its strength as a technology company to promote inclusion in the mainstream financial services. Customer Insights by the telecommunication company has proved that the market has been yearning for an innovation like the “Ahotor bundle”.

Director of Vodafone Cash, Martison Obeng-Agyei, said: “The Ahotor Bundle is like no other innovation from the mobile money sector in Ghana. It will create a paradigm shift that should hopefully give customers a renewed commitment to our Vodafone Cash product as the modern standard in financial inclusion and empowerment. We are excited that we can finally get this innovation off the ground for the benefit of our customers.”

The “Ahotor Bundle” is available as an option on the Vodafone Cash platform and can be accessible by dialling *110# to follow the prompts.

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