FELIX ADOMAKO MENSAH: Blogging a ‘Zion’ to success


Blogging seems to be new to many individuals. It is very important to note that blogging was created in 1994 by Justin Hall via links.net where he referred to it as his own personal homepage. In 1997, Jorn Barger formed the ‘Weblog’ to enable people to share stories of their lives. Then the ‘open diary’ came into the system in 1998, which allowed members to share views on issues as well as information; then in 1999 Peter Morhlaz took Jorn Barger’s ‘weblog’ and shortened it to ‘blog’; and then finally in the same year (1999),

Evan Williams and Meg Hourihan came up with the word ‘blogger’ which has stayed with us till date. The idea was to create a huge platform for people to share ideas and make information accessible.

Blogging creates an opportunity for people to share their views, stories, photography and other media-related content online through self-publications.

In Africa and other parts of the world, blogging has become a profession for many. From Garett Pon (South Africa), Alessio La Ruffa (South Africa), Linda Ikeji (Nigeria), Omoyele Sowore (Nigeria), GH Kwaku (Ghana), Owen (Ghana), Konkonsa (Ghana), Kwadwo Sheldon (Ghana), Zionfelix (Ghana) and many others, it is safe to say Africa is producing top-notch bloggers who are ready to defy all odds to make the profession one of the most enviable. The sector has become competitive, with each blogger always creating something new to keep their followers and readers entertained. Today on Explore with JB, we will take a walk through the blogging world with Felix Adomako Mensah – also known as Zionfelix.

He was the first blogger to hit a million and over followers on IG and has carved a niche for himself. Who is Zionfelix? What are his intentions? What is he up to? Let’s find out together, shall we?

JB: How did it all start for you as a blogger?

Zionfelix: I’ve always loved entertainment so I only wanted to do something that would make me happy. I never planned to be a blogger because it wasn’t popular at the time I started. I had a laptop and decided to copy and paste stories I read from other websites, so that others would also read from my blog

JB: A lot of people know Zionfelix as a blogger, but I believe there is more to what you do. Could you throw light on a few of the things you do aside from blogging?

Zionfelix: Now Zionfelix is more than a media guy. I’ve expanded into other businesses, and God being so good we are excelling there as well. Aside from blogging, Zionfelix has a shop that sells cement and other building materials. There are others I wouldn’t want to let out yet, and many others in the pipeline which will be revealed soon to the public.

JB: The use of technology in recent times has contributed greatly to cyberbullying, which has affected the mental health of many individuals in Ghana and across the world. Do you believe bloggers contribute hugely to this, as is being speculated?

Zionfelix: Every media person has his or her focus, so it happens everywhere – whether traditional or social media.

Even in the traditional media space, some people are focused on sensational stories while others are only in for developmental stories. So, some bloggers choosing to report on sensational issues is their own choice; many others are not doing that, so why are these celebs not commending them?

I always say that if a reporter lies about you, then that’s a bad journalism; but if he says the truth about an issue, whether it goes in your favour or not, he is a good journalist.

JB: How do you as an individual deal with cyberbullying?

Zionfelix: Cyberbullying?  I’m used to it. I’ve been doing this for 9 years. May 2022 will be a decade for me, so I’ve seen everything I need to know or hear about me online. I am strong and take everything as part of the building-up process.

JB: Some people say the media space is ‘dying’ due to the challenges facing it – such as dishonesty and lack of integrity on the part of many. What is your opinion on this?

Zionfelix: Most people have blogs they trust. As much as I believe some blogs are not doing their jobs well, many other bloggers like myself check our facts well before publishing stories; so most of the content we put out is taken by the public.

Most people think we are closer to the source, so anytime there is news they start to question us whether it’s true or false.

JB: What in your view can be done to solve some of the challenges currently facing the industry?

Zionfelix: I think bloggers need to be checked. The false publications by some unscrupulous people are becoming too much. Again, Internet service in Ghana should be improved upon.

JB: On the 28th April 2021, the president launched a US$25million initiative aimed at providing support for entrepreneurs in the movie industry and to create more jobs in the creative arts sector; what does that mean for you as a blogger and content creator, and a member of the creative arts sector in Ghana?

Zionfelix: I’m happy as a creative person and a blogger, and it’s because this will help ease financial problems for people in the creative sector – most especially producers, content writers etc. Creative persons in the country mostly complain about lack of investment, so this initiative from government, I’m sure, will help industry players achieve whatever they set their mind to do to push the creative industry forward now and in years to come.


JB: Where do you see yourself in the next 5-years, and your final advice to people who want to walk in your path of work?

Zionfelix: The next five years cannot be determined and only God has plans for us; but of course I want to be one of the renowned entrepreneurs, set my own entertainment path and become even more successful in my blogging career. I want Zionfelix to not only be a household name in Ghana but across the world. We will work hard in our little way to get to the top of our blogging career – just like Arriana Huffington of Huffington post, Brian Clark of Copyblogger among other notable top bloggers in the world.

My advice to young people is always stay unique in what you do, rise above your downfalls, never give up and, above all, stay humble and true to what you do. Be positive and always target the price of what you want to succeed.

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