No sufficient proof that hydrogen peroxide can prevent COVID-19 – GMA

  • Warns of serious physical and undesirable medical consequences if used unguided


The Ghana Medical Association (GMA) is warning against the use of hydrogen peroxide as a preventive drug for COVID-19, saying there is not sufficient proof of its efficacy.

“There have been some published observational studies both within Ghana and abroad that suggests Hydrogen Peroxide may be used for the prevention of COVID-19. However, these do not constitute sufficient proof that it will work in human populations to prevent or treat COVID-19 at this present moment.

“We await results of randomised clinical trials (both local and international) on the use of Hydrogen Peroxide to prevent or treat COVID-19 and also recognising the devastating nature of the second wave of the infection in Ghana,” said the statement jointly signed by the President and the General Secretary of the GMA, Dr. Frank Ankobea and Dr. Justice Yankson.

For this reason, the GMA recommends that the general public be advised to handle the product as any other medicinal product; and that misuse of the same could lead to serious undesirable physical and medical consequences.

The public is also advised to consult appropriate health professionals (prescribers) before they purchase such products.

Hydrogen Peroxide has been used for several decades for disinfection and as an antiseptic. Specifically, in Ghana hydrogen peroxide at low concentrations of 3-6%w/v is registered by the FDA as antiseptic for minor cuts, wounds and skin ulcers, and also a mouthwash and deodorant gargle.

However, the GMA statement added that Hydrogen Peroxide has not been approved, authorised or recommended by the food and Drugs Authority (FDA) (Ghana), Ghana Health Service (GHS), Ministry of Health (MOH), World Health Organisation (WHO) or any other reputable international drug or health regulatory body for the prevention or treatment of COVID-19.

It has strongly asked the public to continue to complying with the protocols which have been advertised by the Ghana Health Service (GHS), Ministry of Health (MOH) and World Health Organisation (WHO): washing the hands regularly and use of alcohol-based hand sanitisers, social distancing and wearing face masks to prevent spread of the pandemic.


  1. One Day Cure for Covid

    Must be done when symptoms first occur.

    Dilute the normal 3% solution of Hydrogen Peroxide with 9 parts water in nasal sprayer. 

    Sniff a stream of the solution (not a mist, must be a short  squirt) up each nostral, wait 30 seconds then blow your nose.   Do NOT do this excessively, it does kill good and bad cells. I did this 6 times the first day. The second day i felt fine, but, i did the treatment 3 more times. The third day i felt better than fine,  I felt great!  (several treatments may cause some blood speckles when blowing your nose, If so, STOP !   I got some blood speckles which was not any problem, and no pain.  I just waited a 2-3 hours before the next treatment)

    I am NOT a Doctor of any kind.

    Now, 3 months later, and have felt great  SINCE DAY#2, zero symptoms, zero side effects, zero vaccine.

    At 70 years of age, this treatment worked quite well for me!

    Have a Nice Day.

    THIS  should go viral!🤣

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