AMG – A local success story


Many agric enthusiasts share the corroborative view that the responsibility of developing agriculture must be shared by government and the private sector. The mammoth significance of agriculture and the dominant role it plays in keeping our economy alight and alive means private firms must stand tall with an effectual mix of expertise and quality input.

Through the delivery of cutting-edge services that are tailored to fit the peculiar challenges of the local agric industry, some firms have cemented their place as conspicuous allies of Ghanaian agriculture. Besides quality products and relevant service delivery, these firms demonstrate admirable responsibility by consistently supporting the industry through ventures that are set-up to provide holistic support for agric-sector growth.

One of such stand-out firms, Agricultural Manufacturing Group Limited (AMG) is set to push beyond its boundaries by getting ahead of the competition with new operational perspectives that are tailored to reflect, excellent products and service delivery on all fronts.

AMG is the leading indigenous producer and distributor of enhanced efficiency and advanced crop nutrition performance fertilizers in the country.

The firm finds satisfaction in providing small scale/large scale farmers with a crop nutrition product/strategy that guarantees high yields, through the adaptation of cost-effective crop nutrition combinations.

AMG also specializes in the distribution of Agrochemicals and Farm tools across the country. It provides enhanced services, High quality Agrochemicals (fertilizers, weedicides, insecticides, etc…); the firm also undertakes training programs for farmers to enable them increase their yields through the production of quality headline input like Cocoa Nti- a 100% cocoa fertilizer, enriched with plant nutrients capable of sustaining the lifespan of cocoa trees, ensuring high yield and high productivity.

The firm’s N.P.K GLYCINE MIX comes with a significant amount of nitrogen which makes it an ideal product for encouraging strong growth and development. It also comes with a string of nutrients designed specifically to induce high yield in the production of PULSES SOYABEANS and PEANUTS.

AMG’s NPK 25-10-10+TE product also offers an alternative for growers seeking a very high source of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and a variety of trace element essential for cereal production.

RISOCORN, one of the firms headline product is a foliar crop nutrition product designed for the production of Rice, Sorghum and corn. The foliar product was created to support and feed plant life during time of drought and adverse weather/soil conditions that are detrimental to the plant’s life.

As a farmer-centred firm, production of fertilizers and other allied input is based on Making fertilizer affordable to every farmer, making fertilizers available to every farmer, supporting farmer groups with financing and other logistics to secure food production and providing the much-needed technical training to ensure high yields.

Established in 2012, AMG is already a conspicuous leader in the area of specialty fertilizers-a feat the firm seeks to consolidate through continuous innovative development of broad-spectrum fertilizer products and allied services.

Through this approach, the firm believes earnestly that it will be improving nutrient efficiency, yielding healthier crops, increasing farmer returns and changing livelihoods of farmers to ensure food security and sustainable development.

In the last decade, The AMG brand has steadily grown to become a symbol of quality, a pioneer and pacesetter in the Ghanaian agricultural sector.

With its expansive nationwide distribution network, which affords her the leverage of offering technical support for farmers everywhere in the country, AMG delivers high quality products for various crop areas such as cereals, vegetables, cocoa, etc.

Buoyed by an institutional focus on excellence and industry leadership, the firm also, operates with a wider pool of organizational aspirations, which include being environmentally responsible, and responding to major global challenges, particularly those that directly affect the company’s farmer-clients in Ghana .

Commitment to Industry Growth

AMG has a conspicuous agenda for innovation. Indeed, the firm’s commitment to entrenching innovation in all its products and services is responsible for its searing influence in recent times.

The company actively supports industry initiatives that seek to place farmers on a better footing. Notably, the firm has made a commitment to support Agri-house Foundation rollout a National subsistence farming enterprise, “1household, 1 garden initiative, designed to mitigate the effects of Covid-19 on food accessibility.

Specifically, the firm has offered a piece of land and other agro input to help the project thrive.

The initiative will drive a national home gardening agenda to help ensure a liberal supply of quality food to Ghanaians, while waiting for the fallout of the Covid-19 pandemic to abate.

It will particularly serve to sustain the food needs of families through the provision of staple vegetables like fresh lettuce, tomatoes, pepper, onions, beans, beetroots, cabbage, okra, carrot, cucumber etc.

The Project is an ideal system for individuals and families to grow their own food for self-consumption, as well as to gain relevant experience in the cultivation of crops in a controlled and small area.

Aside this nationalistic partnership, AMG is also set to attract and involve more youth in the Planting for Food and Jobs Programme under the Ministry of Food and Agriculture through a partnership with the Ministry of Food and Agriculture. By this partnership, AMG will be working directly with the Ghana Agricultural Sector Investment Programme, to provide inputs (seeds, fertilizers), to youth, farmer groups and associations across selected agrarian regions for production. AMG will also provide requisite and adequate technical support to the youth, extension officers and farmers, under the program.

AMG is also in the process of introducing a unique farmer-centred agric concepts that should further consolidate its impressive gains in the industry.

A Decade of Quality Delivery

Already nearing a decade since it began operations; AMG is assuredly poised for greater things as its management seeks increased success on many frontiers.

In the area of capacity improvement, the firm has affixed its focus on deepening technical know-how of farmers in the application of fertilizers to improve yields and boost food production.

This, the management of AMG believes will go quite some distance to strengthen the quality and depth of input supply and related services, along the agricultural value chains and increase the productivity of Ghanaian farmers.

As a core component of the company’s ambition itinerary for the first decade of its operation, AMG plans to invest considerably towards improving youth and women participation in agriculture as this will ultimately transform the country’s largely subsistence agricultural sector into a more robust market economy.

Currently, AMG is responsible for the direct employment of approximately 200 personnel and about 5000 indirectly, contributing significantly to the growth and stability of the sector through sustainable livelihoods. As a socially responsible firm, AMG places emphasis on environmentally thoughtful measure that sternly guides its operations. This, the firm acknowledges as its contribution to an environmentally sound Ghana.

Plans for Continued Impact

In a bid to consolidate its grip on the local agric sector, AMG plans to create more specialized plant- nutrition solutions for farmers. This approach, along with the firm’s in-depth industry know-how will help ensure the continued growth of the entire value chain.

AMG has ploughed significant resources into the creation of ten (10) warehouses across the country to enhance storage of products thereby guarantying seamless supply of its products to farmers.  The firm also plans to significantly improve and provide transportation system that helps cart agricultural inputs across the country for easy accessibility.

Similarly, the firm hopes to push the boundaries of effectual crop nutrition through the construction of its state-of-the-art Plant Prescription Unit, which supports the production of tailor-made fertilizers to meet the specific crop needs.


The ground -to -topflight status of AMG, interestingly began with the desire of an enterprising young marketer, to impact the agric sector positively and make farmers happy. Today, the infant steps of what was a dithering business effort has transformed into something truly big-an imposing business enterprise with wings sprawling enough to accommodate the dreams and aspirations of the Ghanaian farmer to see the industry lead Ghana into an epoch of transformative socio-economic change.

The local agric industry is akin to a boat with the government and private sector players aboard –it is the collective responsibility of both to pedal this boat towards pervasive prosperity- For now, Agricultural Manufacturing Group Limited (AMG) sits atop the pile of agric-industry firms pedalling the fortunes of Ghana’s agriculture towards inevitable success.

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