Poetry Corner: In the twilight years 

poetry corner

In the twilight of your years

When your end is near

Will you be full of cheers

Will you be in uncontrollable tears

Will you be in a horrid mess

Like a sad, sad state of affairs

Will you be eternally shattered

Like a colossal disaster


In the twilight of your years

When your end is near

Will you be an inspiration

To the succeeding generation

Just like an inspiring role model

Will you be a destructive distraction

Will you be a nuisance

In their presence

Will they gather around you

Will they scatter because of you

Will your frustration occasion desperation

In anticipation of the worst


In the twilight of your years

When your end is near

Will you look back with regret

Will you hasten the past to forget

Will you feel regret

Over anything you neglected

Will you feel regret

Over something you rejected

Will you regret yesterday

And wish tomorrow was another day

Another opportunity


In your old age

When your anatomy is in its worst stage

A pale shadow of its best state

Will you be a bundle of aches

And of pains

Will you be in plasters

Will you be a burden

Full of misery and poverty

Will you be alive and kicking

Or alive but shaking

Will you be confined in the theatre

Always connected to the catheter

And to the wheelchair

Will you pray for a quick passage to the grave

Just to save face


In your final days

When your end is inevitable

Can we still be proud descendants

As your progeny

As a generation to follow

Can we bask in the glory of your past

As our claim to fame

And not as ones bathed in endless shame

Can we stand on your shoulders

To see farther than far

Even from afar

Can our inherited names open doors

And leave them ajar

Can we look back to glorious years

And not to wasted moments

Can we still sign the inherited name with pride


In your final days

When the end is inevitable

Will you be a legend

Celebrated before your end

Will you matter

No matter your age

Will you matter

Before you exit the stage?

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