Transport Committee okays mandatory towing levy …Sets Sept 1 implementation date

August 2, 2017
Source: Eugene Davis l l Ghana
Transport Committee okays mandatory towing levy …Sets Sept 1 implementation date

Parliament’s Roads and Transport Committee has recommended the implementation of the mandatory towing levy to be paid by registered vehicle owners in the country.


The Chairman of the Roads and Transport Committee of Parliament, Samuel Ayeh Paye, told the B&FT that: “We have looked at all these things and our final recommendation is that the project is a very good one, except that the Ministry of Transport and for that matter, the agency(NRSC,) did not do enough advocacy, education and sensitization before they enroll the project.

We have given them up to two, three weeks, by end of this month to intensify their campaign and get the project implemented.” he said.

The implementation of the mandatory towing levy, which was to have come into force legally  on July 1, 2017, was suspended to allow for broader consultation between the Transport Ministry and other stakeholders.

As part of the law, vehicle owners and motorcyclists will pay a compulsory annual fee tied to the acquisition or renewal of road worthy certificate.

Motorists will pay between GH¢20 to GH¢200 depending on tonnage and range for both commercial and private vehicles.

“Our report has been presented to the Minister, it does not bind the Minister, he is supposed to look at the report and look at the recommendations in the report and then he will decide to either continue with the project or not.

Our recommendation is that, it is a very good project, we have looked at other stakeholders, we are looking at which company can give us a towing track that can lift an articulated truck, and that provide vehicle reception centres across the country.

He indicated that operator is prepared to provide the vehicle reception centres across the country and the committee also recommended to the operator to bring onboard other small towing operators in the country.

“The idea is that small towing track services business would not be affected or suffer, we also saw in the contract that they are not only to tow tracks, but also to clear the roads and also make the roads easy for us to use, so when there is a fell tree and the Roads and Highways have not noticed it, it is up to the operator to make sure that they clear the road.

The operator, according to the chairman has agreed to engaged motor riders to patrol the streets, mostly the trunk roads to clear them of broken down or disabled vehicles.

The country is also expected to be demarcated by 100 sub zones and contractors working under the operator, would be made to work in these zones areas.

The National Road Safety Commission (NRSC), which is the implementing agency, introduced the service in order to rid the country’s roads of broken down and abandoned vehicles which have been cited as one of the major causes of road accidents.

The NRSC subsequently awarded the contract to the Road Safety Management Limited (RSML) as the operator.

Revenue accruing from the implementation of the programme was to be shared between the Road Safety Management Company Limited and its allied service providers, 85percent; DVLA, 5percent; Ghana Police Service, 5percent; Ministry of Finance, 2.5 percent; and the NRSC, 2.5 percent

Mr. Paye noted that the Committee has reached a compromise with the operator, to cede 5% of its share of 85% of the earnings to the Ambulance Service and National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA)

The operator has therefore agreed to pay 2.5% of the accrued amount to the National Ambulance Service while another 2.5 percent will be paid to the National Health Insurance Authority to be used for the treatment of accident victims.