Mahama Ayariga in contempt of Parliament over bribery allegations

March 31, 2017
Mahama Ayariga in contempt of Parliament over bribery allegations

Bawku Central Member of Parliament Mahama Ayariga has been found guilty of contempt of Parliament in the case of bribery allegations against Members of the Appointments Committee of Parliament.

The Joe Ghartey Committee came to the conclusion that "because Hon.Mahama Ayariga failed to prove that indeed Hon.Boakye Agyarko gave money to Hon.Joseph Osei-Owusu to be distributed to Members of the Appointments Committee with a view to bribe them."

Joe Ghartey, chairman of the committee constituted to investigate the allegations stated on the floor of Parliament Thursday,that  Ayariga failed to adduce any evidence to substantiate his claim of allegations against the members.

He said everything Ayariga said was nothing more than rumours, adding a "multiplicity of rumours does not constitute a fact."

He said by publishing rumours about bribery allegations against members Ayariga has in no small way injured the reputation of Parliament and soiled the dignity of the first deputy Speaker of Parliament Joe Osei Owusu who he alleged paid bribes to Minority Members on the Appointment Committee of Parliament on behalf of the then Minister of Energy nominee Boakye Agyarko.

Having established a case of contempt, the committee is recommending that the Bawku Central MP be reprimanded in accordance to the Parliamentary regulations and the Constitution of the country.

 He said Ayariga can begin by apologising to Parliament for the humiliation caused the House.

The Joe Ghartey committee was established after allegations by the Bawku Central MP Mahama Ayariga that the Chairman of the Appointment Committee Joe Osei Owusu had given ?3,000 each to minority members of the committee to approve the Minister of Energy nominee at the time.