Parliament adjourns sitting over delayed budget estimates

March 20, 2017
Source: Eugene Davis/
Parliament adjourns sitting over delayed budget estimates

Parliament on Monday had to sit for barely 30 minutes following the delay to consider the budget estimates of the Metropolitan District Assemblies (MDAs) and other government institutions.

According to the Majority Chief Whip, Kwasi Ameyaw-Cheremeh, as of last Friday, there were not sure about the monies received, since some of the Ministries were not ready.

“Last week when the business statement was read, we had taken a decision that we will sit today and consider the estimates for the various MDAs, as at Friday, they were not too sure about the money, the number of estimates that we are going to receive,..but as I speak now, a number of the estimates have been received, about 90percent, so we needed to adjourn for the Committees to go into meetings, because we need their reports, approve of their estimates of the various MDAs before we can go into appropriation, so it is the first step which must be done.

If we keep ourselves busy with other things the appropriation will suffer in the long term and if we don’t have the appropriation by the end of 31 of this month, it means government cannot run beyond 31st.

The various select Committees were expected to have readied their reports and presented to the plenary possibly today for consideration but that could not happen.

Minority Leader, Haruna Iddrisu had said on the floor of Parliament that the estimates had been delayed and that they were yet to be received.

However, Hon. Cheremeh maintains that a chunk of the estimates had been received and reckons the Minority Leader had not sought the information.

He also attributed the delays to the issue of time, given that it had to be done “cautiously since they are figures and cannot be rushed, they need to make sure that all the details have been properly looked into.”

On whether Parliament was rushing to push through the estimates, he said; “We are just waiting for the Ministries to come and tell us the kind of programmes that they are going to apply those monies to, so the figures are already known.”

Parliament after the presentation of the budget, meets with the MDAs to determine their programmes and forecast for the ensuing year.