Appoint competent MMDCEs to deepen decentralisation and Local development

February 28, 2017
Appoint competent MMDCEs to deepen decentralisation and Local development

The Centre for Social Impact Studies(CeSIS),a research and advocacy organisation based in Obuasi has appealed to the President to appoint competent people to the Metropolitan,Municipal and District Chief Executives positions across the country.

In a statement  signed by the Programmes Officer, Prince Aboagye and copied to the, it stated that; In the coming weeks His Excellency the President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo will be announcing the appointment of various Metropolitan, Municipal and District Chief Executives across the country in line with the relevant provisions of the 1992 Constitution. As has been the norm, people who believe they are qualified have started jostling to catch the President's eye in order to be appointed to these sensitive positions.

The strength of our decentralisation hinges on the efficiency of the Chief Executive. In the past the practice has been for some party loyalists to think that these positions are a reward for service to the political party in power. As a result, people whose only claim to the position was their loyalty to the ruling party were appointed, a situation that led to a number of these district assemblies being headed by incompetent MMDCEs. This development has negatively influenced the level of development at the local level.

CeSIS, further pointed out that irrespective of their political colouration, the President should overlook that and pick a competent person to steer development at the district level. Among others MMDCEs must be people with:

1. Extensive administrative and managerial experience
2. Deep understanding of the decentralisation system
3. Prudent financial management skills
4. A good understanding of the NPP's own development model, especially the party's flagship industrialisation programme, "One district, one factory".
5. A consciousness for supporting the vulnerable and socially excluded members of the population.

In the particular case of Obuasi CeSIS wishes to appeal to the President to appoint a Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) who can manage the complex relationships between key actors in the local economy like AngloGold Ashanti and small scale miners. We are mindful of the chaotic situation that persisted in the Municipality for the greater part of 2016 following the invasion of AGA's concession by some illegal miners. This undoubtedly led to AGA suspending operations and the subsequent dip in economic vibrancy of the Municipality. The new MCE should be someone with the right strategy to support the formalisation of small scale mining, while maintaining a healthy support for AGA as it restructures it's operations to bounce back.

The survival of Obuasi is very important to kick-start the revival of the national economy. This becomes a more compelling reason to get a Municipal Chief Executive who understands the dynamics of the local economy.