Accra is very dirty … my vision is to clear the filth – Ishmael Ashitey

February 14, 2017
Source: Eugene Davis/
Accra is very dirty … my vision is to clear the filth – Ishmael Ashitey

Greater Accra Regional Minister designate, Ishmael Ashitey, has set out as his vision to rid the capital of filth when approved by Parliament.

“Accra, is very dirty and posing a lot of health hazards to the citizenry.The biggest vision I have got is to see how to tackle this problem”, Ishmael Ashitey told the Appointments Committee of Parliament for when he took his turn to be vetted as regional minister.

According to him, the capital city generates about 3,000 metric tonnes of garbage daily, with the city authority being able to collect 2,500 metric tonnes, leaving a deficit of 500 metric tonnes which poses lots of challenges to people.

Explaining how he intends to go about it, the former Member of Parliament for Tema East, said that he will team up with the Sanitation and Water Resources Minister to ensure that the deficit of 500 metric tonnes of waste is addressed.

For him, one of the things that will be used to measure his performance is how best he will tackle the sanitation issue in the capital city.

“It is one area that I am going to look at and look at very well. In Greater Accra, you have to be doing a lot of sanitation to be able to perform because like I said Accra is very dirty so if you want to improve life in Accra you have to handle the sanitation aspect of it. I will work together with the Sanitation Minister to achieve this”, he said.

When asked where he will get the funds to pursue his vision, he noted that “when government is able to spend wisely, we will be able to get money to tackle the sanitation issue”.