MP advocates enforcement of road traffic regulations

February 11, 2017
Source: Eugene Davis/
MP advocates enforcement of road traffic regulations

The Member of Parliament for Afigya Sekyere East, Mavis Nkansah Boadu is advocating enforcement of road traffic and motor regulations across the country to improve road safety, minimize accidents and reckless driving on the roads.

“We know that all Ghanaians we have a problem with road regulations especially when it comes to pedestrains and drivers. We have a situation where footbridges have been constructed but pedestrains are not actually using them and there is also this menace where drivers don’t adhere to regulations on the road, so I felt l had to talk about it” she told B&FT in an interview in Parliament.

Ms Boadu who is one of the new faces to the seventh Parliament indicated that her statement has been referred to the Roads Committee and is hopeful sustainable solution would be found to curb reckless driving and thorough education done for citizens to abide by road regulations.

Furthermore, she also added that with regards to the use of footbridges, she explained that even though they have been constructed with millions of money, the pedestrains barely use them.

According to her, there is the need to sensitise the public more on the use of footbridges, maintaining that there could be sensitization through an entertaining jingle or commercial to instil in them the value of life and the need to use footbridges.

“We have realized that the footbridges have been constructed with millions of money solicited both internally and externally, and we see people not using them. I want to understand why it is not being used.

I have done a little research about it and the response has been it was not constructed to suit them- may be it is too high up or something, so I felt Parliament had to be aware of it and if there is anything we can do to regulate so it can come to a time where it can be used by commuters.”

Despite commending the National Road Safety Commission(NRSC) for taking measures to enforce section 154(3) of the Road Traffic Regulations,2012, she encouraged them to do more.

“The NRSC together with the Ministry of Roads and Highways are encouraged to ensure stricter enforcement of road laws and seek the support of the public to report any reckless conduct of drivers or pedestrains on the roads." she said.

Section 154(3)of the Road Traffic Regulations provides that, “pedestrains who fail to use footbridges or an underpass where one is provided commits an offence”. Furhermore, persons who engage in jaywalking are liable to summary conviction or a term of imprisonment for not more than seven days or both.”

She also stated that laws prohibiting “okada” drivers from operating be reviewed for possible amendment to ensure the country generates benefits from their operations.