Minority accuses Speaker of bias

February 8, 2017
Source: thebftonline.com/Ghana
Minority accuses Speaker of bias

Deputy Minority speaker, James Avedzi has said, Rt. Hon.Prof. Aron Mike Oquaye, the speaker of parliament, discriminated against them yesterday in parliament.

“If he says he is not biased let the Ghanaians judge, but that is the view of some of our members that the speaker has been biased. Anytime there is an issue and the minority ant to speak, the speaker will not allow the minority to speak, in parliamentary democracy that is the beauty of it, allow the minority to air their views, allow the minority to speak,” he said.

This accusation follows the voting of Otiko Afisa Djaba the Minister for Gender, Children and Social Protection into office, where arrangements for the voting process in parliament did not satisfy the minority Avedzi says the speaker ignored their attempt to verbally protest rendering their opinion as irrelevant, He added that since the majority had already won with their huge number it not fair to rid them of the chance to oppose developments they did not agree to.

“When it comes to voting, they use their numbers to defeat, at least we would have expressed our view for the greater population of Ghanaians to judge if you don’t want to allow the minority to speak is it not being biased? We want to express our position in whatever we want to do because if we express that through voting, they would use the numbers to defeat us and Ghanaian wouldn’t have listened to our side of the argument. Why did he even allow for the ballot papers, the one we wanted to use earlier on, why did he allow that one to be changed?” he explained.

The deputy minority speaker said, this concern is based on the need to make parliament proceedings understandable to Ghanaians and said it is the right of every Ghanaian to know what happens in parliament.

“We are doing this thing for Ghanaians ,26/27 million Ghanaians must know what is going on in parliament because we represent our people so we want our people to know that this is something that is illegal and we need to respect the standing orders of our parliament, we need to respect the law of this country. Ghanaians wouldn’t have known that the ballot paper they were bringing did not contain the stamp of the speaker if we had not raised it,” he mentioned.