Minority legislators to boycott proceedings on “injury time loans”

December 23, 2016
Source: Eugene Davis |thebftonline |Ghana
Minority legislators to boycott proceedings on “injury time loans”

The Minority in Parliament have expressed outrage at what they describe as ‘bewilderment’ at government’s attempt to procure new loans after losing the December 7 general elections.

Addressing the press in Accra on recent activities in the transition period, the spokesperson for the Minority in Parliament, Osei Kyei-Mensah-Bonsu said the minority in the sixth parliament have planned to boycott Parliamentary proceedings on loan agreements that sort to tie the hands of the incoming Nana Addo-led administration.

The Minority’s discontent stems from the fact that the sixth parliament is expected to approve loans that have that have hurriedly been put together by the Executive, including a supplier’s credit agreement and a project implementation agreement.

“In the circumstance, we in the NPP minority caucus would want to register and indeed hereby register our deepest disgust at unilateral decisions taken to have Parliament approve loans, Supplier’s Credit Agreement and Project Implementation Agreement(the latter of which process is unknown to the Rules of Procedure of Parliament) in this period of transition.

“We regret to state that we cannot be part of processes and decisions which in our considered opinion are illegitimate” he stated.

Furthermore, Mr. Kyei-Mensah-Bonsu touched on recent recruitments into the public service, which he said contravenes government’s own agreement with the IMF in respect of a net freeze in employment- except in the health and education sectors- until 2017.

According to him, neither the 2016 budget nor the budget for the 1ST quarter of 2017 (the Vote on Account for the first three months of 2017) which was submitted to Parliament by the Minister of Finance, Seth Terkper last month made provisions for the recent recruitments.

“The question is, how is the incoming administration going to cater for the remuneration of these persons? On what criteria have these new appointments and recruitment been based? As has been stated earlier, the President-elect has stated clearly the need for national reconciliation and to avoid witch-hunting.

“This bold statement by the President-elect should be founded on transparent and accountable governance and not the events that are unfolding over the past few days. These spirited attempts to have parliament approve loans during this “injury-time” of President John Mahama administration do not inure to good democratic governance”.

For the Minority, the government would be better advised to be open and transparent and build consensus and carry the entire nation along during the transition period to avoid a situation where the next administration would be forced to review the latest actions of the out-going government.