‘Government campaign team down with flu’

December 1, 2016
Source: thebftonline |Ghana
‘Government campaign team down with flu’

With six days to the elections, thebftonline.com has gathered that leadership of the government campaign team have been hit by the effects of the harmattan, including its candidate President John Dramani Mahama.

This according to party leaders has led to most of them living on cough mixtures.

This has come to light following the President’s inability to address the chiefs and people of Kasoa during the inauguration of the Kasoa interchange in the Central Region yesterday.

On Tuesday, the President spoke to the people of Cape Coast when he inaugurated the Kotokuraba market, the Regional Minister had to step in to communicate on behalf of the President due to his croaky voice, making it difficult for him to be heard properly.

But the Greater Accra Regional chairman, Ade Coker has stated that due to the rigourous campaign travels, and with the harmattan season fast approaching, most of the team have been affected by the effects of harmattan, particularly the President, whose has developed a hoarse voice.

“…We are in the harmattan season as well, the weather is very dry and very hot, when you go on this campaign trails, you have a lot of this particles in the air and you inhale some of this things.

It is a hard job, when you speak too much it comes back. All of us are on cough mixtures.”

On whether it is affecting the team’s campaign, he stated that it rather is encouraging them.

“People even appreciate what we are doing, that you want this country to succeed to the peril of your life and your health. That is a good sign that you really mean what you want to do. We are doing this in the service of the country.”