The View From Virginia - Online (6) America Decides Today

November 8, 2016
Source: Nana Yaa Ofori-Atta |thebftonline |Ghana
The View From Virginia - Online (6)  America Decides Today

The 5 game changer states for both Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump are Ohio, Michigan, Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Virigina.


It is possible that even as they cast their votes for 2 of the arguably most disliked options in the history of American elections, in choosing the 45th President of the United States, voters will be looking at 'temperament and character.’  And after 16 months of straight campaigning with epic falls outs and fall aparts, both sides will be hoping that the other kicked off more than they did.  Both camps are hoping that faced with the real prospect of jumping into the abyss resentful voters will pull back.  A strong showing from the hitherto apathetic and despondent voters particularly in the black community and amongst the youth, also known as the millenials (what happened to generation X?!!!) is supposed to make the difference.  But for whom?  If the Latin vote sticks to the script - reports suggest that IF they are registered some 80% of Latino votes actually vote.  Mr. Trump is unlikely to benefit from an upsurge from this community.


The polls in Virginia opened at 6am and will close at 7pm today.  The media reports that exit poll results will begin trickling in after 8pm.  Exit polls should technically indicate voter turnout including a breakdown of which types of voters turned out.  Election results proper are likely after 11pm.  It will be a long night.