The View From Virginia - It Is personal

November 8, 2016
Source: Nana Yaa Ofori-Atta |thebftonline |US
The View From Virginia - It Is personal

In Virginia, a Blue state albeit, with a thin line that requires Hilary Clinton to keep her eyes on the prize, the average person owns a home worth a quarter of a million dollars; pays about $2,000 in mortgage payments is educated - high school and above and a quarter of the residents work for the government. ?

Virginia has also predicted and voted for, with devastating well above average accuracy (68.9%), the winning presidential candidate for ?a century, far too good an innings for it to be ignored in this toe to toe election between the Democrats and the Republican presidential contender Donald Trump. ?

In this state that has spawned 8 former Presidents, and in whose grounds 7 former Presidents rare buried, the battles of the Civil War have bene recast with genteel forcefulness. ?Mrs. Clinton is not liked, she will be tolerated, accepted. ?If she wins, she will have work to do. ?

Mr. Trump is viewed somewhere between horror, indifference and distaste. ?Contrary to what the media and presumably the communications strategists of or sympathetic to the Democratic party will have you believe, no one I spoke to is ‘afraid' of a Trump presidency, those who don’t want the prospect, simply don't want it. ?They would rather tolerate Hilary.?

On the eve of the 2016 elections, I interviewed a number of people who work or live in Virginia. ?It is the 13th fastest growing state in the US and has the 12th largest population in America. ?On paper, caucasians easily make up 60% of the population. ?

Look closer, the African American (19-20%); Hispanic or Latino (7-9%) and Asian (5-6%) is growing fast.

The following excerpts are published within the content of ’The View Form Virigina’ series, specially commissioned by the Business and Financial Times to run on their their online platforms from Monday, November 7th, 2016 until Friday, November 11, 2016. ?2 articles are published per day. ?The sample group do not represent entirely the demographics of Virginia. ?It provides the running commentary and views on election 2016 of those who chose to willingly participate.?

Note that only the personal details of the respondents have been withheld on their request and mutual agreement. The sample audience were selected at random based on their working and or living in Virginia, were willing to go on record - with some caveats - and were provided with the same questions and amount of time to respond in writing. following the initial face to face engagement. ? ?