The polls in Virginia opens soon

November 8, 2016
Source: Nana Yaa Ofori-Atta |thebftonline |US
The polls in Virginia opens soon

The polls in Virginia will open in 3 and a half hours. Those who live and work in this fairly affluent blue state are people who are largely educated, own their own homes and whilst the majority of the population remains white, the black and Latino population if not vote is growing fast, people are concerned about local issues as well as the going’s on in the District of Columbia.

A quarter of the people who live in Virginia work for the government. The rest of them whose mortgage payments and deck extensions depend on a pay cheque with healthcare and pension benefits etc coming in with predictable and comfortable ease may have to keep an eye on how the markets respond to the prospect of a Clinton and Trump presidency.

What are the fiscal implications?

The Washington Examiner, a source of news leads with Donald Trump’s ‘message of hope’ to the people of Michigan. Its lead story reads that the Republican contender who turned upon entirely unexpectedly ‘at the last minute' in the critical swing state of Michigan ‘abandoned much of his negative messaging about the Democratic nominee Hilary Clinton in a final attempt to woo voters from the blue state to jump aboard his train.’

The opening lead for this post reports that having landed in Michigan, some of the first reported words that Trump told supporters to explain his ‘sudden’ appearance was … ‘I heard crooked Hilary was coming to Michigan and I said, ‘let’s follow up.’

Meanwhile, looking at the implications of political decisions for the currency market, (something that many Ghanaians can easily teach a lesson in to the talking heads from Parisbas), Bloomberg is playing it safe with a small lean towards a positive 44% for Clinton and Trump on 41%.

Some pundits on television insist that the Democrats need only 5 additional seats to take back the majority in the Senate.

Winning the presidency is key, the new President will need a clear mandate in Congress (preferably both the House and the Senate) to deliver a financial package.

The people of Virginia will be doing their numbers.