Hajia4Real talks about her brand and businesses

September 2, 2017
Source: Chris Koney | thebftonline.com | Ghana
Hajia4Real talks about her brand and businesses

Ghanaian socialite and businesswoman, Hajia4Real, is a household name when it comes to fashion and setting trends. She has over the years dazzled the fashion world with her amazing fashion sense and exhibited exclusively exotic pieces for public appearances.

Born Mona Faiz Montrag, she seems to be in her own world and has risen to the occasion at any time. Possessing an extraordinary beauty, she has an enviable popularity around the African continent and beyond with nearly a million-people following on her official social media platforms, Instagram (hajia4reall) and Snapchat (hajiia4reall).

Three years ago, while planning life after her studies at the Arts Institute of New York, Mona decided to start an agency to provide party services. This idea led to the formation of LVC Entertainment, an event and talent management firm with operations across the United States. As the CEO of LVC Entertainment, Mona personally got involved in the operations of the company.

Early last year, LVC Entertainment commenced operations in Ghana and organized a major event in December 2016 to wrap up activities for the year. Dubbed Global Wave, the party, which came off at Soho Bar in Accra has been described as the official end of year jam. Attendees included Sarkodie, Jupiter, Efya, Pope Skinny and Moesha Boduong with performances by Shatta Wale and Nigerian musician Burna Boy.

With the aim to satisfy her entrepreneurial desires, Mona earlier this year announced a second business. On Saturday, 8th July 2017, she launched her cosmetics line, 4Real Beauty Cosmetics, at the Marvels Minigolf Avenue, close to Abelenkpe Traffic Light, in Accra. Recording a massive audience and great production by LVC Entertainment, the event witnessed agreat performance by Ghanaian songbird, Efya.

On a relaxed Sunday afternoon, I drove to the Mövenpick Ambassador Hotel for an agreed interview with Hajia4Real. She had completed a photoshoot with a UK based online magazine dedicated to projecting young African business owners.

Hajia explains that, at the moment, it is all about business. “As you might be aware, I have two major businesses with operates in Ghana as well as the United States of America with our headquarters in New York. When it comes to the priority, it is certainly the new baby, my cosmetic line, 4real Beauty. That is what is important to me now,” she said.

According to Mona, the brand is doing very well and she has been overwhelmed by the response and interest from the public. “We have received orders from Togo and Nigeria, and as we speak, my team is in discussions with key distributors in Togo and Nigeria.  I am very optimistic of the prospects in those countries and we are not going to relent in our effort to ensure we achieve that”.

Mona added that, she has held activations in Accra, Kumasi and Tamale. “We took time to engage key stakeholders in the business as well as part of our sensitization and media advocacy plan for the products. Going forward, we will be doing a lot more of that and also going into the other regions to promote the brand.”

Mona stated that even though she does not compromise on quality, she still provide some of the most affordable products on the market. “I believe in the bigger picture and growing the business over time with the costumers so I am not looking at overpricing the products to make more profit.”

Mona mentioned her family as her motivation for striving to grab the gold in life and never give up her desire to reach the top in the business world. “My daughter, Nalia, is a year old now and I do all this for her and the special people in my life including my man. I can’t imagine achieving all these without them.”

Although the birth of her first child might have given her a deeper understanding of life and deepened her love for children, the mother of one has no plans on having more children anytime soon. This will afford her to build her businesses and further her education.