Alkebulan's Awakening slated for 22-23 Sept

August 17, 2017
Source: Kwame Mante-Sarfo ASABITWI/
Alkebulan's Awakening slated for 22-23 Sept

Alkebulan's Awakening, a dance theatre which seeks to wake Africans from their slumber and increasing consumption of foreign culture, is set to come off on September 22-23 at the National Theatre in Accra.

Organized by Elwah Movement, an institutions that trains choreographers and dancers, in collaboration with the National Theatre, and the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts, the show will bring birth the core of our responsibility as Ghanaians to be custodians of our identity.

Alkebulan's Awakening, as the title suggests, wants to educate Africans on the dangers of the influx of foreign culture and lifestyle over the priceless art, culture and traditions of Africa.

“This amazing fusion of dance, drama and music will take us through the journey of life as Afrcans in maintaining our heritage,” a statement from the organizers.

The Deputy Director of the National Dance Company, Stephanie Yamoah, noted that this obvious and heart breaking revelation has become necessary now because of the continuous enslaving of the youth mentally and physically.

Colette Marie Eloi, Creator/Choreographer at the Elwah Movement, expressed shock at how Africans think that their culture, which is their identity, is fetish.

The duo, therefore, charged the government, corporate Ghana and anyone who is in love with Africa and wants to champion the course of Africa to support them as they plan to tour other African countries and help develop potentials among the youth.