Fashion & More with Faith Senam

July 16, 2017
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Fashion & More with Faith Senam

Lusaka July puts Zambian fashion in the spotlight

Zambian fashion, unlike what we are used to in Ghana, is slightly different in various ways. Last weekend I happened to attend Lusaka July fashion event in Lusaka organized by the PRGirl Media, a boutique PR and event company owned by two PR loving sisters Chishimba and Monde Nyambe.

Lusaka July, which is in its 2nd year, is beginning to put Zambian fashion on the global map. It is marked to become an annual event in July in Lusaka where the socialites, celebrities and A-listers indulged in a day of luxury and glamour. Attendants turned up looking glamorous and are treated to exquisite food and drinks while they mingle to the view of Zambia's best polo players.

Lusaka July 2017

This year’s event which was themed ‘African Luxury’ really lived up to expectations with Special Guest appearance from Boity Thulo, South African fashion icon and media personality. From the red carpet appearances to the food, and drinks, it had the best of what a luxury event could offer. For the girls at PR Girl Media, they wanted nothing less than giving the guests an experience of luxury.

These socialites and A-listers, influences and celebrities showed up looking glamorous in their best outfits and also saw Africa's highest fashion on display with designers from Ghana, Botswana, South Africa and Zambia on stage.

The fashion show was a remarkable one as designers such as Zambian based Esnoko, ChizO and Nadrey Laurent (formerly Totally Ethnik) from Ghana, Quiteira & George from South Africa and iZaurafom Bostwana all showed the best of their pieces on the runway.

Zambian Fashion Industry

Zambian fashion known from the outside seem very little as the industry is still at its early stage. In recent times, events such as Lusaka July, Zambia Fashion Week and the sisters at MaFashio are beginning to give the Zambian fashion industry some buzz.

Quite recently was the duo from Ma Fashio Sekayi and Tukiya Fundafunda who placed Zambian fashion on the global spotlight when they got featured on CNN. These fashion bloggers, consultants, creative directors have become the go to for everything Zambian fashion through their personal style blog, appearance and coverage of industryevents and everything fashion and style in Zambia that is worth talking about.

Over the last few years, the duo have become fashion influencers providing various fashion services such as wardrobe styling to industry people.

In a conversation with these sisters, one thing is for sure, they are passionate about fashion and ready to collaborate and share not just the Zambian fashion story but that of African Fashion as well.

I also had the opportunity to meet and interact with ZilaBluseke, Co-Organizer of Fashion DayOut, Lusaka. She was optimistic about the future of Zambian fashion and had this to say “Fashion events are important part of the growth of the Zambian Fashion industry and Lusaka July has definitely earned its place as one of Zambia’s premier fashion events.

Ourindustry still has some way to go in creating commercial platformsfor buying and selling local fashion but hopefully social events such as  Lusaka July will help spur interest from both designers and buyers to come together to do business.

We certainly have enough talent and capacity from both Zambia and the continent to make the business of fashion more worthwhile for all players, and now is the time to capitalize on it”

I was personally impressed seeing how people showed up looking fashionable and trendy in their beautiful dresses, gowns and traditional outfits all with the interpretation of the theme “African Luxury”. One fashion piece that stood out with the majority of guests having them on was fascinators, head wraps and hats in different forms, colors and styles. 

Lusaka July has certainly earned a place on the Zambian fashion calendar one premier fashion event organizers in Ghana can take a cue from; offering a luxury experience.