Rhoda Odoi: making a difference with digital and social media marketing

July 14, 2017
Source: thebftonline l Ghana
Rhoda Odoi: making a difference with digital and social media marketing

Greatness never comes easy and that is the story of Rhoda Naa Yemoley Odoi, the young, passionate and energetic Chief Executive Officer of HypeNet, a fast growing digital and social media marketing company.

Acknowledging that she loves a great party and sharing her experience with the world in the age of social media, Rhoda says she decided to turn what she does best into a business, thus the birth of HypeNet.

Rhoda, who was, until a couple of months ago, a student at the nation’s premier university, the University of Ghana, Legon, established HypeNet as a digital and social media marketing firm which differentiates itself  by offering a diversified portfolio of services such as internet advertising, marketing, e-business, e-commerce consulting and search engine marketing that meets the needs of its customers.

With a team of dedicated, innovative and talented young professionals, Rhoda started the HypeNet in 2014, while she was still in school, to deliver excellent, cutting-edge results leading to high levels of customer satisfaction with the company now headquartered on the first floor of the World Trade Centre, Accra.

Rhoda, before her company, worked with an institution called the George Britton Empire Entertainment as an usher. “I learnt the true meaning of being a marketer and the processes involved in marketing a product/service,” she said.

HypeNet, according to her, uses the internet and a wide range of social media platforms to provide a premium and wide ranging suite of services to its clientele through experienced oriented digital marketing capabilities to deliver maximum satisfaction through an organic growth and excellent service at market wide competitive rates.

Starting her education at the Christ the King School in Accra, Rhoda went to the prestigious Holy Child Secondary School in Cape Coast in the Central Region then continued to the University of Ghana where she recently completed with a degree in Economics and Information Studies.

Rhoda, who describes herself as a goal getter, believes that anything she sets herself up to do, she achieves it. “As a business leader, one has to be a goal getter, and due to my upbringing, I am naturally ambitious and anything I set myself up to, I make sure I do it to the best of my ability.”

Growing up in Burma Camp with a military man as a father, Rhoda learnt how to be honest and disciplined in her dealings with people. Her moving to the United Kingdom and the United States at a tender age also gave her more enlightenment on technology.

But after coming back home and living the life of a student but with a grand vision, Rhoda worked on various activations for companies. That was when she realized that there was a new era in the marketing field which wasn't tapped.

“Companies were not making use of digital marketing strategies /plans as well as social media influencers. This was something I studied during one of my vacation to the UK,” she says.

She therefore decided to exploit that field, since she is a social media freak and an influential person on the site too. “I have a passion for marketing and I wanted to carve my own niche in the marketing world, so I decided to concentrate on social media marketing.”

With more than 2billion monthly users on Facebook alone, a billion on Instagram and more than one billion Twitter users, Rhoda is definitely playing in the present and future of marketing to mass markets.

She notes that HypeNet gives clients realistic targets, instead of companies that tend to inflate targets just to win business deals, and she has a team of 300+ tertiary students who drive most of its digital marketing and other campaigns.

As young businesses and business leaders continue to face teething challenges, Rhoda is not an exception. She notes that negative comments from her peers, sexual harassments from men and the struggle of combining school and work are just a few of the “many hurdles I have to deal with in trying to make it for herself.”

Despite the challenges, she is optimistic about the future and notes that there are a lot of opportunities in this field, “since a lot of companies haven't seen the essence of interactive social media as an essential marketing tool. My job, therefore is to introduce that to them, and I am doing just that.”

The company hopes to work with more corporate entities and firms, and also become the best social media agency and offline marketing firm in Ghana. She also urged the government to work on its tax relieves and provide financial support to upcoming entrepreneurs.

As the official social media agency for entertainment powerhouse, Charter House and the British Council, Rhoda and HypeNet have also worked with companies and institutions like Musiga, Kasapreko, Close Up Ghana, Bloom Interactive, and Lorient Kal.

Though a Catholic by birth, Rhoda has taken the decision to branch to the charismatic side of Christianity. She does love her staple dish, kenkey and fish. As a fashionable and active lady, Rhoda loves the best of parties and concerts.

Despite her active life, she still has time to do charity. Recently she undertook a charity project in supporting children, women and men living on the streets of Accra. Her charitable heart has seen her make donations to orphanages around the entire country.