All set for Wogbejeke show on Monday at National Theatre

June 30, 2017
Source: l Ghana
All set for Wogbejeke show on Monday at National Theatre

After all the stress and tiresome preparations, Wogbejeke, one of theatre’s best productions, which comes from the stables of the Heritage Theatre Series Project, is set to hit the National Theatre again on the 3rd of July.

As part of the 60th independence anniversary celebration activities, a special edition was put together where the groups put together all the stories titled ‘Wo Gbe Jeke: Our Journey’, and it is this show that patrons will enjoy on Monday.

After a spectacular stage play in March at the Amphitheatre in the University of Ghana, most fans and lovers of stage arts are calling for the show to be performed again and organizers have headed to the call and will be staging the play with new features on the Republic Day weekend.

The show is a theatrical production that re-enact the entire history of Ghana from the coming and settling of various ethnic groups, the coming of Europeans and the slave trade to, independent and multi-party system. It is about culture, arts, music and politics essentially a panoramic view of Ghana’s history.

The show, which was supposed to be repeated in April was postponed to July 3rd and will have two shows: one in the afternoon at 2:00pm and the other at 7:00pm in the evening. The rate is GH¢60 regular and GH¢30 for students and children.

Speaking to the B&FT Weekend, Chief Moomen, the producer for Wogbejeke stated that the Heritage Theatre Series Project launched in 2015 is to re-enact the history of Ghana through a series of spectacular theatre productions.

“We believe that the Ghanaian history is very rich, our heritage is powerful and we must package and present it in exciting ways that will capture the imagination and attention of audiences both young and old in Ghana and abroad.”

The crew started in 2015 and the reception has been very massive. The group started with ‘Wo Gbe Jeke: the Birth of a Nation’ as its first production which was about Ghana’s pre-colonial history. The story told the coming and settlement of the various ethnic groups.

This year, the crew is bringing the first phase of ‘Wo Gbe Jeke’ to an end as they summarize all the various shows.

Chief Moomen said there will also be a sport edition due to the fact that sports has played a very important part of the history and culture of this nation and this will look at heroes like Azumah Nelson.

The group is encouraging the general public to patronage the show since it is very educative, entertaining and speaks more of the Ghanaian culture. They also thanked Key Soap, which has been their major sponsor from the beginning.