Freeing Africa’s Real Escape Game Centre: a fresh twist for an Away Day!

June 14, 2017
Freeing Africa’s Real Escape Game Centre: a fresh twist for an Away Day!

Have you ever found yourself and your team, in a dark room and needed clues to escape within 45 minutes or you all are doomed? Well, I did find myself with my friend in a dark room and utilised the clues and managed to escape feeling quite jubilant!

Last week, I visited the Freeing Africa Real Escape Game Centre, located on the third floor of MaxMart Shopping Centre at 37, Accra, and out of curiosity attempted the Lost Chamber room, one of the four theme games on offer. The others are 90o Fantasy Soccer, Mirror of Love and Prison Chaos.

We were blindfolded, handcuffed and ushered into pitch perfect dark room and were expected to escape within three quarters of an hour.

First, we took off the blindfold and slowly our eyes adjusted to the soft red light emitting from the timer ticking down. A mysterious tune plays in the background adding to the suspense. We could see boxes with pad locks, photos hanging across the wall, books lying around and a small sofa in the corner.

Surely these were the tools we needed to use to find our escape. It was intriguing when we found the flashlight, and searched for the key and unlocked our handcuffs. Freedom does feel good indeed.

From then on time just flew by as we frantically put our minds at work together to decode the boxes. We felt ourselves playing the role of detectives as we solved the puzzles one by one and eventually escaped on time!

To really enjoy the game, you do need a partner(s). This goes to underscore the adage, ‘two heads are better than one’.The game preaches nothing but team building, bonding, and the ability to work together on achieving a target. Companies and families will enjoy it on a day away from the office.

With the promoters of the game realising the essence of team building, a conference centre is available where corporate organisations can hold meetings and review sessions. A restaurant is also available to serve lunch and dinner, all in the spirit of team building and bonding to boost productivity.

Freeing Africa is a franchise of the Freeing Group with presence in Africa, Canada, Hong Kong, India, and many other countries. Freeing Group’s core mission is to provide a revolutionary gaming experience, coupled with teamwork and leadership development.

I am for sure going back with a larger team this time to experience the other rooms on offer and to challenge ourselves to escape earlier! If you are looking for a unique team building activity for your office, then you should definitely try out Freeing Africa’s Real Escape Games at MaxMart 37 and thank me later!