Egudzi redefines chic with its latest jewelry collection

May 13, 2017
Egudzi redefines chic with its latest jewelry collection

Jewelry are unquestionably a woman’s favorite. They complement a woman’s outfit by adding spark to her look. The shapes, silhouettes and colors of accessories change with the times and as such it is necessary to keep abreast with the times and choose an apt set of accessories that befit contemporary fashion trends and accentuate one’s peculiar brand of beauty.

Egudzi’s latest collection is in tune with the spriteful fashion trends of our times; the various dainty pieces were designed to add that spark and capture the unique color of each woman’s personality.

Inspired by the sheer beauty and sophistication of the modern African woman, Egudzi which literally means treasures or precious Jewelry in Fante (An Akan dialect spoken by the people of Ghana’s Central region) is a delicate mix of Afrocentric jewelry pieces.

Founded by Ewurama Ricketts, Egudzi has blossomed from a pastime into an emergent fashion center for retailing customized afropolitan beaded jewelry. The pristine brand caters for the peculiar tastes of various women whilst aligning it with their unique personalities. The Accra based fashion house boasts of a chic collection of neckpieces designed to capture the very essence of elegance which is aptly captured by the brand tag-line; ‘Experience Elegance’.

Egudzi pieces are distinct and made specifically for the woman who is confident and desires to look and feel different.  They come in various sizes, shapes and vibrant colors put together with flair to elicit a sophisticated look.

Egudzi also uses antique African bead collections from neighboring countries with a touch of Ghanaian sourced materials.

The latest collection of customized Egudzi pieces draw inspiration from Pan-African travel and seeks to capture the distinct culture, warmth and persona of women across the continent.

Ewurama designs pieces that are rich in African heritage by capturing its beauty to tell the story that resonates the wearer’ fashion style.

The latest collection has flat shell beads fused with antique trade beads, lovely agate and assorted gem stones with a touch of coated brass work and fresh water pearls amongst other signature pieces.

With each piece uniquely crafted, Egudzi beads have won the affection and loyalty of clients both here in Ghana and abroad.

Egudzi has become one of the favorite statement jewelry sought after by women with an eye for elegant niche fashion. The fashion house is currently located at Nyaniba Estates, Osu-Accra, where its flagship shop offers an impeccable in-store experience with unique pieces stocked for purchase.

Egudzi is more than just another fashion accessory; the sheer class and intricate design of each piece ensures that the brand continues to represent fun, style and timeless treasure.