Edmund Somuah…the kingpin of digital marketing

April 27, 2017
Source: Obed Atta-Yeboah l thebftonline.com l Ghana
Edmund Somuah…the kingpin of digital marketing

Social media is fast growing into an advertising platform for many businesses. However, a lot of these adverts are done unprofessionally, and sometimes, go viral and dent a company’s image. But thanks to the services of digital marketers like Createch Ghana, social media adverts can now be done professionally, and attract good feedback. Let’s read on as the CEO, Edmund Somuah, takes us through how he started and what digital marketing has to offer businesses.


Edmund Kwame Somuah, born in Nkawkaw, Eastern Region, is the first of four children. He had his Junior High School education at the Infant Better Training (IBT) School in 2002, and went on to the Mpraeso Senior High School (SHS) at Kwahu Mpraeso where he studied Science and completed in 2005.

He then gained admission to the Accra Polytechnic (now Accra Technical University) and studied as a Laboratory Technician where he graduated in 2010. From there, he did his national service as a Teacher at Adeiso JHS in the Eastern Region in 2011.

After national service, Edmund worked with a waste management company for some years whilst still searching for a job in his area of professional training. That job never came. With his frustration increasing by the minute, he thought of pursuing another short programme that could help him get a job easily.

Edmund has long been a fun of working with computers, so he decided to choose a course in Database Technology which, he said, would give him knowledge about how to organise data, create programmes, analyse and provide data security.

He then enrolled in a six-month programme at IPMC, one of the leading schools in the country in the area of IT training.

When he completed the programme, he applied to various companies for a job but that one also proved futile. It is said that time and tide waits for no man, so Edmund decided he would rather start something on his own, than to waste time searching for a job which will never come.

The birth of Createch Ghana

Even though he wanted to start something on his own, he was not sure what would be easy to set up. He communicated his intentions to one of his lecturers who then advised him to start with digital marketing, a type of marketing that professionally manages the social media accounts of businesses.

Convinced that it is a good business idea, he began the processes to start. He registered his business with the name Createch Ghana.

The services Createch Ghana offers

Createch Ghana sets up social media accounts for its clients, manages them professionally and monitors the online activities of competing firms in order to come up with strategies that will make its clients page better and attractive.

“For example, most people with social media accounts just post pictures of the products on social media. But at Createch Ghana, we don’t just post pictures. We create contents that will give customers reasons why they should choose your products, and how others have benefitted using the products. We also add graphics to make the images quality and more attractive to potential customers.”

Createch Ghana also creates display ads for its clients, where an image or video of the company and its products pop up when one opens a page online.  

The company also offers services in graphic designing.


The biggest challenge in this business, Edmund says, is the general lack of understanding and appreciation of how professional social media marketing works.

“People generally understand social media as just creating a social media page and be posting images of their products anytime. But that is not how it works. If you get a professional to manage your social media page for you, you will understand and appreciate how impactful it will be on your business.”

How education has helped

“Without education, it is obvious that I could not be doing this work. I had to be trained for six months to get the knowledge for this business. So, the role education has played in my career cannot be understated.

Even apart from my training, I had to personally learn new things from the internet because in this profession you have to keep yourself updated so that you can know new trends and tailor your services to same.”

Why should businesses embrace digital marketing?

With the prevalence of social media and how it can help spread news faster and wider, Edmund believes businesses do not have any option than to take it seriously and employ the services of experts to manage their social media accounts for them.

“Trends are changing and social media has come to stay. Millions of people are signing on every day and businesses must adapt to that trend. So, as a business, when you are contacted by a professional digital marketer, don’t think about the little money you have to pay for them to professionally manage your social media accounts for you because the company’s image is very important. In the end, it is the company which benefits more for leveraging on it.”

He thinks start-ups and SMEs in particular, that do not have enough money to advertise in the main stream media, should take this seriously as it can help their products and services become an immediate hit once it is introduced onto the market.


Createch Ghana has the vision of becoming one of the leading companies in the digital marketing fraternity, where its reputation would move companies to contact them for business.

Advice to the youth

“We are in an era where it has become difficult to find jobs. When I completed school, I never found the job I wanted, after searching and applying countless times. But I didn’t give up, I changed my focus and now I have a job.

So, I will advise my fellow youth who have graduated from school not to give up if they do not get their preferred jobs. They should rather learn something new that can help them start a business on their own.”


Edmund wants to acknowledge the support of his family throughout his education and entrepreneurial journey; and his friend, Nesta Foli, who has played a very significant role in his profession.