Allure takes International Women’s Day to the streets

March 18, 2017
Source: Ophelia Laryea/
Allure takes International Women’s Day to the streets

CEO of DKD Holdings Dzigbodi K. Dosoo has held a free massage, make-up and hair treatment for the Women of the 31st December Makola Market.

The event was held to offer the market women and clients the opportunity to relax and get their bodies checked at their own comfort and to release them of their stressful duties as part of the celebrations of the International women’s day.

Mrs. Dosoo explained that the event, dubbed ‘D goes to market’, is basically to put smiles on the faces of the women.

“In the spirit of International Women’s Day, I asked that what better can we do to celebrate and honor these women. The answer I got was to come and sit with them, just learn their stories, understand their provocations, challenges and learn about their successes then give them some love and pampering.”

She expressed that “this cannot cover everything, but, at least it is one step towards contributing to where we want Ghana to be. It is just a small way to contributing to society and also bring awareness to the issue that we are celebrating during the women’s month and these women need to be celebrated and honored.”

Although most of the market women at the initial stage were very reluctant in going through the process, they showed much gratitude to Mrs. Dosoo due to how refreshed and relaxed they felt after the massage.

Aside the relaxation provided for the market women with songs and refreshments. She also held free talks across some tertiary institutions.

She also went to the University of Ghana Law School to teach students on how to prepare for their law careers with image. Mrs. Dosoo also spoke to young women on how to start businesses and how to prevent making certain mistakes she did.

She related  and interacted with the market women to the extent of off loading head potters “kaya yei” just so they can relax for that day and also paid them some good money as a way to touch the mothers and also the girl child.

 Mrs. Dosoo urged the government to be patient with the market women concerning their eviction by the AMA “Abaeei” as the market women complained bitterly of how they have nowhere to go and also how this petty trading is their source of livelihood.

Dzigbordi, as popularly known by her fans, also has an event planned out to help curb mental illness and depression in women in this women’s month. “We are looking at something on mental illness and how it affects women in Ghana before the end of the month.

She climaxed the events by saying that “let’s not stop talking of issues concerning women , we have made a lot of progress in terms of how far we have come as women but there is a lot more we can do.”