Oscars: Hollywood parties and protests as the big night approaches

February 25, 2017
Source: BBC
Oscars: Hollywood parties and protests as the big night approaches

Oscar season reaches its climax on Sunday, and Hollywood's celebrities are in a final whirl of parties, dinners, award shows - and political protests.

Instead of a red carpet, stars walked a green carpet (well, a strip of artificial grass) at the Oscar Wildes, dubbed the "Irish Oscars", on Thursday.

On Wednesday there was a black carpet for the All Def Movie Awards - a cheeky response to the #OscarsSoWhite furore.

More exclusive parties - and an anti-Trump rally - are to come on Friday.

They are all part of a flurry of events that take place in Oscar week, allowing the film industry to congratulate itself even more and casting some of the limelight on underrepresented groups, worthy causes and brands.

Irish Oscar nominee Ruth Negga and Outlander actress Caitriona Balfe were honoured at the 12th Oscar Wildes, staged by the US-Ireland Alliance at director JJ Abrams' Santa Monica HQ.

Balfe was greeted at the event by fans carrying a banner reading: "Outlander: We love you Caitriona".

She said: "Irish people will always make a little community wherever they go and LA is no different. It's really important that you have this community that you can rely on."

Also on Thursday, the Black Women in Hollywood Awards hosted stars including Oscar nominee Viola Davis and fellow actresses Janelle Monae and Aja Naomi King.